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2015 Is a Great Year for Hiring, Especially in Accounting, Finance, and IT

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


2015 Is a Great Year for Hiring, Especially in Accounting, Finance, and IT

Only a month has passed and this year already seems to be on the up and up for employment. Along with us, several staffing firms believe there is a strong start to this New Year, based on healthy working environments, business gains, and a generally more positive outlook by everyone.
It is predicted that there will be a 16% net employment gain for the United States in the first quarter of 2015 alone, based on Manpower’s Employment Outlook Survey.

According to the report, employer confidence continues to build this year, as the hiring outlook has been improving for three quarters consecutively already. Based on statistics, the most active hiring would be expected from the Wholesale & Retail and Leisure & Hospitality sectors.
In another report, this time by Brilliant™ (a search, staffing, and management resources firm), more companies today are reporting an increased number of open positions for finance, IT, and accounting.

In this published study called the Brilliant™ Q1 Accounting, Finance and IT Hiring Forecast, research shows that 30% of companies that participated in the study have vacant positions for finance and accounting, an increase from 28% from the previous quarter. There are also about 37% open IT positions, a big increase from 33%.

According to Dr. Richard Curtin, Director, Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor): “Given companies in recent years needed to replenish their staffs from the downsizing that occurred during the Great Recession, the fact that hiring has remained unchanged at that same higher rate, is good news.”

Dr. Curtin also explained further that even though most companies expected their hiring plans to remain unchanged over the next year, most planned a constant high number of new hires anyway. If anything, this is a sign of even better things to come as economic improvement continues.

Here are some more stats to consider from the published study of 300 participants:

· 48% said that their company’s overall economic position had improved over the past year, up from 36% from the same time in the previous year
· 64% anticipated continued economic growth in the upcoming year, a high jumo from the 43% reported in the same quarter in the previous year
· 18% planned to increase the hiring of temporary or contract employees in their IT departments in the coming year
· 15% said their companies are planning to increase the number of temporary or contract accounting / finance professionals as well

“This signifies that many companies have the confidence and budgets to invest in projects,” says James Wong, Brilliant™ CEO. “Overall, the data provides solid evidence that companies are expecting growth in the number of new hires during the year ahead.”

Great news! We staff in all of these areas… If you happen to be looking for an employee or a job, be sure to call us today (559)579-1331 and a member from the Hire Up team will be happy to help.