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4 Basic but Not-So-Obvious Interview Mistakes to Avoid

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Previously, we discussed a few interview mistakes people might still be making. While those previously mentioned are some of the more obvious ones, there are also other interview mistakes people keep making because they’re not as easily obvious to spot.
While everyone wants to impress their interviewers, sometimes the way one handles themselves may not come across as nicely. The harsh truth is there will be times when you think you aced an interview, but the hiring manager thinks otherwise.
Here are four interview mistakes you might want to look out for next time:
Submitting a Weak Cover Letter
While spending a good amount of time and effort in perfecting your resume is fine, we should never neglect having a proper cover letter. In fact, some people completely forget to make one! Hiring managers would read cover letters just as much as they do your credentials. The truth is, there are even some hiring professionals who focus more on the cover letter than the resume! As such, make sure to create and carefully write down something that would captivate who will read it. A rushed cover later may turn off its reader and they might not even flip to your resume at all.
Talking Too Much
Nerves can get the best of us – nearly everybody gets nervous in a job interview. However, talking too much is just as bad as having complete silence. True, we want to avoid having a lull in the conversation, but it’s also important to make sure that all answers are given both quickly and correctly. Doing too much is just as bad as doing too little, and can get in the way of having a great interview. Hiring managers want a person with a good balance of listening and speaking skills. As such, make sure you sound well and manage ho collaborate well in order to achieve a common goal. There is a difference between confident and cocky – make sure you are the former as the latter is a negative trait that would turn off your potential employers.
Not Seeming to Be Interested Enough
Everybody has different personalities. Some people have a more introverted nature that does not have the stereotypically bubbly and outgoing persona that extroverts have. However, this introvert versus extrovert thing has to stop – it is more of a spectrum that doesn’t hinder a person to interact with others. Having too much of a poker face and have an apparent lack of enthusiasm could send the wrong signal. Companies want their potential employees to have excitement about the position they’re applying for as well as the organization they may belong to in the foreseeable future. For those who are not usually as outgoing, try your best to showcase your enthusiasm about things.
Have you made any of the above mistakes in previous interviews? We hope the above tips can help you improve your interview skills. If you are looking to apply for a new job, contact us to see how we can help! (559)579-1331 or visit our site to apply by CLICKING HERE