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4 Helpful Hints to Get Hired in 2016

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


With a new year comes a lot of pressure to make resolutions, to change for the better, to grow into a new you. While most of our resolutions will be a distant memory by February, we wanted to help you stick with at least one this year. If you’ve made a commitment to find a new job, we’ve  got a few great tips to help you make it happen.

#1 Be a jack of all trades

In this day and age efficiency is one of a business’s top priorities. If you go out for a specific position that you’re qualified for and also have skills that translate to other areas of your potential employer’s field, you’re far more likely to be hired. If you can help your employer build a stronger team with fewer people you’ll be in high demand.

#2 Know your technology

The business world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. Do you know what that means? It means that you need to keep up with the current tech (especially as it related to business and marketing) or you’ll  be overlooked by those who have. Even if your potential employer isn’t very tech savvy, the fact that you are will be looked at as a bonus as you can be the one to help bring them up to date.

#3 Stand out

In a sea of potential hires, what makes you unique? Broadcast your talent and show a potential employer why they’d be silly to overlook your resume.  Find a way to ensure you aren’t  seen as just another piece of paper in the stack.

#4 Go after jobs you’re interested in

People who like what they do don’t do as good a job as someone who does. Employers know this and can tell the difference between a person who has an interest in their field and one who doesn’t. Plus, you don’t what to be working in a job you can’t stand, it will never last and you’ll end up back where you started.

Here’s to a brand new you in a brand new job in a brand new year. Take these tips, apply them to your job search, and you’ll be making good on your resolution before you know it! If you are looking for work, CLICK HERE to see some of our current openings and CLICK HERE to apply