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4 Tech Skills That Will Make Your Resume Look Good

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


A resume can make or break a person’s career, so listing your background and training is highly important. What many people are unaware of, though, is that your list of software and technology know-how can also add to your likability. A resume should be more than just a summary of your previous experience – you can use it as a tool to help improve your career and let you grow in the path you want.

In addition to the basics like word processing (usually Microsoft Word) and using e-mail programs (like Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes), here are four tech skills you might want to brush up on, or start learning:
1. Microsoft Excel
Job seekers usually list MS Excel as one of their skills, but there’s more to it than just creating spreadsheets and filling in those boxes with numbers. The good thing about it is, there are plenty of free tutorials online, both in text and video form. Go beyond the basics and learn how to do formulas, equations, and other features like custom functions.
2. Web Development
It’s not just for IT professionals – web dev skills and computer languages are very appealing to today’s employers. Remember in the heyday of MySpace when people customized their profiles using HTML and JavaScript? It’s time to brush up on those skills, and more. Whether it’s those, or SQL, PHP, or anything else, you can get free tutorials using coding resources online.
3. Adobe Creative Suite
Also known as Adobe CS, this software suite includes important applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and InDesign, among others. You can go from basic to complex graphic design, publishing, web design, and many other things. The Adobe How-To website has information for beginners, and there are countless other tutorials elsewhere on the web as well.
4. Google Analytics
In today’s IT-centric world, having a professional social media profile is a necessity. Anybody can use Google Analytics to manage online presence, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and personal website. The tool can help improve marketability so potential employers can easily find you in a sea of jobseekers. Just look for the Google Analytics IQ Online Course to start the video training.