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5 Common Signs That It May Be Time For A Career Change

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
It’s quite common to experience getting in a rut at work, sometimes feeling uninspired or uncompelled to get to the office. However, what’s not good is getting stuck in it and never getting out. There will be times those low points might be signs that it’s high time for a career change. Here are some major signs to look out for.
1. Lack of Passion That Leads to Poor Performance
When you start a new job, you are excited and passionate. You dive in, learn new things, pitch your creative ideas, and whatever else you could do to make an impact. After a few months, this elated feeling slips and suddenly you struggle just meeting the daily requirements, mainly because you honestly do not want to.
2. Each Morning Is a Struggle
Every morning, you feel miserable and lifeless. You end up being one of those people who would hit the snooze button several times, eventually dragging yourself out of bed much later than you should have. Sometimes, even fixing yourself up is a chore. You no longer care about your physical appearance or how it may affect your relationship with coworkers and clients. You might even be thinking of all possible excuses to call in sick (or worse – have already done so quite a few times).
3. Your Company Is Sinking
If your company is starting to lay people off, has budgeting problems, or seems to show an unclear path for success, it may be best if you get out the soonest you can. If you stick it out, it will be more difficult to get a new job especially if the market is suddenly filled with a bunch of candidates with very similar qualifications.
4.You Feel Stress at Work Especially with People You Work With
There will always be problems at work and personality differences. Try to first have a private conversation with people you have trouble working with, and find out how those varied personalities can complement each other. But, if it’s all still too much even after you have already exhausted possible solutions, it’s probably time to leave. On a related note, find out what stresses you out at work other than people. Being negative all the time not only is bad for your health – it’s bad for your career as well!
5. You Are Not Improving, or You Have but the Pay Did Not Increase with the Additional Duties
Either your skills are not being tapped, or you have an increased amount of work without getting compensated rightly. If your skills are not being used correctly or you are not being paid justly for them, and this hasn’t changed even after voicing that out, maybe it’s time to go.

Looking for a new job may be scary, especially for those who have been loyal to a company for quite some time. We are here to help you in finding a career that suits you! Call us today to see how we can help (559)579-1331