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5 Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Agency

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources

Lauren Milam

Regional Vice President – West Coast

Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare

February 18, 2022

Many business professionals have experienced the benefits that can come from partnering with a reputable Staffing Agency. In today’s competitive candidate market, recruiting, hiring, training, employee engagement, and retention has never been more important. If your organization is struggling with recruiting these days, you are not alone. You are not alone two-fold:

  • You are not alone in the struggle, as many organizations are feeling the pain of recruiting, hiring, training, employee engagement, and retention.
  • And, more importantly, you are not alone when it comes to the support available to you within a staffing partnership.

My team and I have witnessed firsthand the impact the current market has had on employers around the country. Here are 5 of the Top Current Struggles for Employers and the 5 Corresponding Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Agency:

  1. Current Employer Struggle: A loss of hiring muscle.

The job market has shifted to a Candidate’s Market. Gone are the days when you would post a job online and receive a flood of applications overnight. This candidate market is much more passive than the days when employers had the job market’s upper hand and hiring muscle. This shift in position means that candidates now simply post their resume online and wait for companies to call them. This places more time and work on the employer, resulting in recruiting process delays, which can mean once the candidate has been contacted by you for a screening interview, they have already found another job. Employers are now faced with having to actively recruit and source to find the best available candidate for the job.

Staffing Agency Solution: Let us be your extra hiring muscle. When you partner with a staffing agency, like us, we serve as experts within your individual market. An experienced recruiting team knows your industry and your local job market and can assist with matching you with pre-qualified and screened candidates ready to work at a moment’s notice. More hands-on-deck means more candidates at your fingertips.

  1. Current Employer Struggle: It takes TIME to actively recruit.  

Because of the shift in the job market, it takes much more time for organizations to find the right employee. Hiring Managers, Human Resources Reps, and Supervisors have their everyday jobs to do, and now, in this market, must also find the hours needed to actively source and find candidates for their organization’s current job openings. Most people within these positions do not have the time to do that, as they are both full-time jobs. If you are spending hours looking at resumes and interviewing, which parts of your primary job are being neglected?

Staffing Agency Solution: Sourcing and interviewing IS the full-time job of a staffing company, like ours – let us save you time!

  1. Current Employer Struggle: It takes MONEY to spend the TIME to actively recruit.

The hours it takes to create a job posting, wait for applicants to submit their interest, then scan through and pre-screen these candidates, only to often find they are no longer interested, takes time—YOUR time. As you know, YOUR time = money. Also costly, are job posting sites and other tools many organizations use to find candidates. Resume databases and job posting sites are not cheap.

Staffing Agency Solution: With saved time, comes saved money. The cost of using a staffing company ends up saving your organization money because skilled recruiters serve as experts with expert tools and resources. This allows for faster sourcing and fewer hours wasted trying to source on your own.

  1. Current Employer Struggle: Old Recruiting Methods No Longer Produce the Same Results.

What used to work for employers when recruiting is not as effective now. This has created more time and trouble for organizations trying to find the solution to their current staffing concerns. In addition to the time and money needed to attempt to solve this issue, results are still elusive.

Staffing Agency Solution: A strong Staffing Agency, like ours, has access to more candidates—and more importantly, quality candidates. Staffing companies have partnerships and access to most, if not all, job boards and resume databases out there, giving us access to more candidates than other companies. With access to more, we have a better chance of finding your star employee!

  1. Current Employer Struggle: All the extra work necessary to interview, hire and train, and then…what if this hire does not work out?

Staffing Agency Solution:  In addition to finding your perfect candidate faster when using a Staffing Agency, there are so many other things that a staffing company will take off your plate. Our Staffing Agency offers the following advantages for our valued clients:

  • Completes all pre-employment backgrounds and screenings
  • Processes payroll
  • Covers payroll taxes
  • Covers workers compensation, as the candidates go on our policy
  • Covers paid sick leave
  • Covers health benefits 
  • Will cover unemployment if the candidate doesn’t work out
  • And, as an Added Bonus: Using a staffing company allows you to “try out” an employee for around 90 days to ensure they are a great fit for your company before you hire them as a permanent employee

There are many reasons to partner with skilled experts, especially when it comes to your Employment and Recruiting practices and strategies. Seeking supplemental support for something as important has your hiring needs is a decision worth considering. A partnership with a staffing agency does not need to be a lifelong commitment. This is an unusual time for employers. This type of partnership can be a helpful guide through uncertain times like these.

Staffing agencies like ours wake up every day with our clients in mind. We stay on top of industry trends and utilize our expert tools and resources to best support organizations just like yours. Partnering with a staffing agency allows you to work side by side with recruiting experts. These experts will support you and share their knowledge, educating you and your team with tricks of the trade to help you better understand the current market and evolve your organization’s recruiting practices for the future, and beyond your current need.

Not sure where to start? Call us!

Let us get to know you and where your organization is in most need of support. We can offer suggestions to help to ease your immediate recruiting burdens and create a plan for your recruiting needs into the future. Or, if you would prefer to resume your recruiting efforts once you have a stronger footing, we can help you get there as well. Together, we can come up with a plan to save you and your organization time and money, while providing you with qualified and quality candidates who want to work.

Partner with us!


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Lauren Milam, Regional Vice President – West-Coast | February 18, 2022

As the Regional Vice President of the West Coast operations, Lauren focuses on the development of each Hire Up team member and office to ensure they have the tools and ability to meet the needs of all the clients and candidates. Lauren’s vast experience in the staffing industry and her passion for people, results, and success is what drives her daily. This experience includes leadership, management, employee development, sales, marketing, recruitment, client retention, and candidate retention.  Her goal is to ensure every client and candidate receives excellent service through every aspect of the process. Lauren would love to speak with you so she can help your business reach new heights.