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5 Ways to Be the Company People Want to Work For

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
No matter what field or industry you are in, there will always be competition for candidates. In order for a company to attract and retain high-caliber employees, hiring departments or the staffing services they make use of should ensure that they are taking in the best talent in the field.
Here are five different ways and steps to streamline the recruiting and hiring approach:
1. Set goals based on analysis
Identify each vacant role you want filled, including the performance requirements. You may also include currently filled positions as well in the requirement descriptions. Analyze these so you may evaluate corporate culture, pay scale (in comparison to the competition), and other similar things. This analysis allows you to create expectations that are realistic, both internally and for possible candidates in open jobs.
2. Evaluate the interview process (and change it, if needed)
Take an honest look at how your company (or the staffing firm that interviews on your behalf) would interview prospective candidates. How have things worked in the past, such as considering if interviewees were too intimidated, and if you were able to hire the right people best fit for their roles. After, consider also other interview options such as pre-screening via phone or Skype, an online personality evaluation, etc.
3. Take a look inside
Do some internal critique. First and foremost, put yourself in likely candidates’ shoes and think: Would I want to work at my company? In addition, take a look at your company’s visibility as well, especially online. Make sure your website is up to standards, user friendly, enhanced for use on smart phones, and that current job postings are easily accessible.
4. Explore all possible sourcing channels
Networking is important, especially if you are out to source and recruit. Utilize things like social media apps and sites – LinkedIn, and even Twitter and Facebook, are powerful and easy to use resources that may help increase engagement with potential candidates. Because social media is so up to the minute, it’s also important to keep things fresh and original. It’s great to partner with a staffing agency as well so your company has a valuable resource to offload the stress most especially for roles that get particularly difficult to fill.
5. Lay groundwork for future and long-term success
Even when your company has found the best candidates, it doesn’t stop there. Make sure the employee receives the best possible first day experience too – have them go through a formal orientation or training program, and leave room for and open discussion. Have their work station set up, complete the necessary paperwork, and anything else that would make a great foundation for a hopefully long-term stay.
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