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6 Reasons Companies Outsource Recruiting

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates
A lot of companies outsource the HR department, especially recruiting. In fact, it has been a growing trend in years of late. For example, a staggering 72% of companies surveyed by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) outsource temporary staffing, and an impressive 68% outsource background checks. Outsourcing these, among many things, can be one of the smartest moves a company can make. Here are six great reasons why:
1. Find Impressive Candidates
Even in a struggling economy, it’s inevitable for organizations to find the right people who can fill in their open positions. It’s not that companies are being too picky or holding out on a good salary – it’s just that it’s better to be particular about who can do such jobs and get the right person from the start, rather than hire and go through several people who just aren’t the right fit. If a company is serious in finding great candidates, it may be a good idea to outsource recruiting so there will be a wider reach and to improve proper branding for both the company and the open positions.
2. Concentrate on the Core Business
While most companies have some sort of recruiting department, temporary or otherwise, there will be times it could take away from the business’s core function. This is most true for smaller companies which might not even have a specific person who’s there to work on just recruiting. Outsourcing recruiting will help companies by having either a consultant or a provider do it all for them, allowing the company to do what they do best instead while waiting for the open positions to be filled.
3. Reduce Turnover Rates
Turnover rate pertains to how many newly hired people leave in proportion to a designated time period (such as the first two months, for example). A high turnover rate is not good and would hurt a company’s bottom line, often signifying that there are bigger problems within. Sometimes these problems aren’t fixed by increased salary offers or doing better job interviews (although either of the two would help). In such cases, a company may outsource recruiting to a staffing company so turnover rates improve and fix other underlying hiring problems.
4. Level the Playing Field
Many small companies and startups would outsource recruiting for the main reason they don’t have the in-house resources that would allow them to keep up with the bigger competitors. When they outsource, it somehow levels the playing field. These relatively smaller organizations need not worry about losing potential and amazing talent to larger companies who have the money and resources to sell open positions to candidates.
5. Help Handle Erratic In-House Recruiting
At times, companies which are on the fast track often have recruiting functions which are a little difficult to handle in relation to the high demand. By outsourcing, the problems that arise due to high-demand fluctuations or other temporary problems can be fixed.
6. Cut Costs
If there’s a need to cut costs and the staff in the recruiting department cannot be justified, one of the best things to do is outsource. While it is different from outsourcing the entire human resources group, outsourcing your recruiting to a staffing firm would look at the hiring process from a fresh perspective that would include everything from sourcing great potential candidates to onboarding new employees.
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