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7 Reasons You Should Work While In College

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Many people believe that students shouldn’t work while in college, but it actually is beneficial in many ways. Here are 6 reasons why you should get a job while in school. When you are done reading this article, make sure to contact Hire Up Staffing to find your new job!

Earn Money: Working just 15 hours a week typically generates $160+ a week, which should be plenty to fund weekend entertainment and incidental costs. I If you work 20-30 hours a week you will be able to cover life expenses, as well as books, supplies and even some tuition. This also will minimize your student loan debt.

Time-manage: You will learn time-management skills that will be important to know for the rest of your life!

Find What You Like: You will get the chance to learn what kind of work you like and, perhaps more important, don’t like. This can help you determine what areas you want to focus on in school and avoid choosing a career path you don’t want to be on in the future.

Build Résumé: You can work on building your résumé! This provides advantages to graduates looking for career-oriented jobs. Any work experience is good experience.

Improve Learning: Working while in school seem to improve academic performance. Research shows students who work 20 hours a week have higher grades and are more likely to graduate college than both those who don’t work at all and those who put in too many hours.

Networking – One of the most important things I learned while working in college was networking! Meeting new people outside of college and in business settings can help to advance your career. Professionals will have direct contact with others, provide graduates with referrals, or even hire recent graduates themselves.

Faster Advancement – Promotions are a possibility after graduation. In addition, graduates will have a killer combination of book knowledge, coupled with hands-on skills, which is what most employers are looking for.

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