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A Look Back: Staffing Trends in 2014 That Worked

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates
There have been many changes to the world of staffing since the year started, and now we look back at some of the workforce trends over the past year. Staffing experts predicted that American professionals in general have been opening their arms to more possibilities and changes to how work gets done. Here are some notable trends that worked:
Bring Your Own Worker
Not too long ago, the trend was “bring your own device,” but now it’s “bring your own worker.” Looking back over the past year, we can see that more professionals have been (and continue to be) sourced for projects big or small.
This trend has impacted how many organizations not just in California but all over the country would view talent sourcing and management. Today, many managers contract and build teams on a project or as-needed basis, whether through telecommute or through traditional office environment.
Company as Partner
Before, the employer-employee relationship was more like a parent and child thing. Today, it has evolved and is slowly turning into a partner-like relationship as organizations transform from provider to enabler.
Gone are the traditional benefits and perks common to the office environment, as today’s companies now focus more on in-demand benefits (paid time off to volunteer, flexible work spaces, and others). And before, there are benefits exclusive to traditional employment such as healthcare and retirement.
Workers Are More Responsible for Career Advancement
Today, workers have taken on a “build your own career” style, having more responsibility and control on how their work life and potential career upgrades would occur. Whether it’s getting benefits no longer supplied by employers, to defining how their careers would go, many workers today take the self-help and self-employed route. This makes it easy for staffing services to generate a pool of talent whenever companies need certain skill sets in a less permanent basis.
All of these points are reasons why you should work with Hire Up Staffing in 2015! We know are here for you and your company and will help you build an amazing team. To get started, connect with us at (559)579-1331. We look forward to working with you.