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All about Chemistry: Its Role in the Hiring Process

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates


“Chemistry” is the term we often use to describe human relationships. The question then follows: does chemistry have to do anything with the hiring process? Yes. There are times when people just get along really well. And yet, that’s not the only factor that should be considered when getting someone to work for a company.

Chemistry Is Important, But It’s Not the Only Important Thing

Be careful with chemistry – make sure it doesn’t overshadow other important factors, especially if this is when you are hiring a team leader or other executive position. Remember that there is a difference between just chemistry and fitting a culture. It’s one thing to be able to want to hang out with a person or have a beer with them – that is great and all. However, a candidate also has to be able to reflect your organization’s values and culture.

Chemistry isn’t a bad thing – it is actually very important. People want to work with others whom they get along with well. However, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor in hiring someone. HR people or staffing agencies should also consider beyond “clicking” with candidates, but rather prioritize what the organization or company needs.

On That Note…

Again, people are better off with people they work well with, most of the time. It’s no surprise employers are looking for people who not only contain a certain skillset, but also have that connection with them and others they will potentially work with.

A lot of times, people would get hired because of how they fit in a company’s culture, even if their skills aren’t exactly the best in the pool of candidates. Don’t get this wrong – it’s not that their skills are subpar. Sometimes factors like having similar tastes, backgrounds, and activities outside of work would trump certain job skills.

Think of it this way: Candidate A is the best skills wise, but does not have socialization skills and often gives off a negative vibe; Candidate B is just okay – not the best out there but his/her skills can be improved upon, and yet he/she has a great personality that fits in a company’s cultural norms. Which would the company hire? It’s most likely Candidate B (but this isn’t always the case).

So Which Is It?

There is no be-all and end-all of this. Chemistry and likeability can be two separate things, and yet they can overlap as well. There are people who can have the same interests and not get along, and inversely there are people who have absolutely nothing in common and yet are able to be either civil or would get along surprisingly well.

In the grand scheme of things, the most important thing is to keep business flowing. Make sure your HR team or the staffing firm you hire is well aware of that and would consider such things, rather than just getting the next person on the list of possible hires into your organization.