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Spring is right around the corner and it cannot come too soon for me. With all of this day long fog we have been having, I’m certain most of you feel the same as I do. Thinking of spring creates anticipation for me. Anticipation of all the bountiful produce in our wonderful Valley which in turn, makes me think about the Blossom Trail and all the great roadside fruit stands and farms. What I would give to bite into a sweet, juicy local nectarine right now while enjoying the warm rays of the sun!!!!

I thought you may enjoy taking a daydream trip and start planning your actual trip through the Valley to support our local farmers. Without our farmers, we would lose out on billions of dollars in revenue that is generated by the produce we export each year. That being said, The 23rd Annual Blossom Trail Opening Ceremonies will begin on February 4th this year. Check out the following link for ideas on planning your trip. I’ll bet once you start planning your outing on the Blossom Trail, your anticipation will be building too. Happy eating and celebrating spring and all it will bring to us this summer and all year long.

Photo: Cherry tree blossom. USDA photo by Scott Bauer.