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Are You Hirable? Top 10 Turnoffs in Potential Employees

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Whether you’re a recent graduate, a part-timer, or in between jobs, there’s nothing more important than getting yourself prepared going into interviews. Generally speaking, one should give a good first impression. However, there are times people are unaware of little quirks that may, in some form or another, turn off their interviewer.
Here are 10 traits you should be wary of when coming into your next interview, whether in person or though phone or online.
1. Dressing Inappropriately
Whether you’re coming into an interview for a large corporation or for something as casual as a diner, wear something professional. You don’t necessarily have to go and wear a suit and tie, but don’t come in wearing ripped jeans or a wrinkled shirt either! An ironed pair of pants or a nice skirt, partnered with a clean top and a nice pair of formal or semi-formal shoes displays basic courtesy and respect to the fact you are going to an interview.
2. Coming Unprepared
An immediate turnoff for many is when they ask an interviewee what they know about the company, and they can’t come up with anything, no matter how minute the detail. Do your homework and at least do a bit of web searching and visiting the company’s official website to know what job and company you’re possibly joining.
3. Feeling Entitled
There is a difference between confidence and entitlement. The former is a great thing to have and display in an interview, but the latter is not. Remember that a company is looking for someone to fill their position, not someone to tell them what the position is supposed to be or ideally in their head.
4. Being Deceptive
Make sure your resume is accurate. Exaggerating a little bit on a resume is quite common, but flat-out lying about your credentials is downright inappropriate. Deception isn’t a good foundation for any relationship, professional or otherwise.
5. Disrespecting Other Staff
This may include talking down to the secretary or receptionist, or mistreating anybody who greets you on your way to the interview. It’s important to be friendly and courteous to the employees who might just be your future coworkers.
6. Being Arrogant
Smugness is a definite no-no. People who come off as big-headed from the get-go are almost always difficult to work with in the long run.
7. Bashing Former Employers
While it’s true that there are not-so-good employers at times, there are smart and unbiased ways to discuss former bosses and companies. Bashing them is definitely not the right way.
8. Making a Bad First Impression
Be sure to come in with a genuine and warm smile, as well as a firm handshake. Greet everyone and be as courteous as you can.
9. Not Taking Skype or Phone Interviews Seriously
There are companies that conduct interviews via Skype or phone, usually as a preliminary interview especially for applicants from afar. It’s just as serious as in-person interviews – take these calls where there is a strong internet signal or good cell service. Don’t take these calls while on the road or in a public location. For video conferencing, make sure to wear proper clothes too! Treat it as you would a normal interview.
10. Being Late or Rescheduling Repeatedly
Showing up late almost always shows you have no respect for time, as well as unprofessionalism and a lack of foresight. If the reason is valid, usually you may choose to reschedule. However, doing that more than once is just plain shady and often unforgivable.
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