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Better Website, Better Results

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
To make the long story short, people in general do not trust poorly designed websites. You can own the best company in the world, but if people visit your website and see an unprofessional look, there is a huge chance they will find some other company instead. This applies to all, regardless what industry your company belongs in.
This is the reason every company should have a properly set up website. This isn’t just to showcase what a company does and attract employees – it shows that even this aspect of the company is important and given attention.
Clean Up Site Structure
A poorly designed website structure is one of the main reasons for decline in user experience. When visitors do not know how to get to pages they’re looking for, they will get very frustrated and will often result in them leaving your site.
It’s better to have a design that’s intuitive – it’s not just the website visitors that will benefit, but so will search engines. Create (or revamp) your website in a way that people can navigate faster and easier through and around content.
Keep Contents Clean and Not Crammed
Simple is beautiful – along with an easy to navigate website should be content that’s easy to read. There are times that having less in a page is better than jamming everything. Think about it – the “less-is-more” mentality is effective and easier on the eyes as well.
When people get overwhelmed with content overload, it stresses people out. A good example is to leave ample white space and divide content up into several pages instead of cramming everything into one huge file.
Stay Away from Generic Templates
There’s a big chance you have seen plenty of cookie cutter type websites already. You know, the ones where it’s easy to tell they used a free template or website theme used by countless other websites. No customization, using generic content, and using stock images we have all seen before. It makes a website completely bland and unremarkable.
Not only won’t people take you seriously – it reveals that your company won’t even invest in a proper website design. Yes, it’s not wrong to use standard templates, but at least have someone customize it and make it reflect your company’s brand.
All these factors and more can and will affect peoples’ impression of your website, and in turn, your company. To have clients and potential employees take you seriously, you must take yourself seriously as well, website and all.