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Bosses, Here’s How to Boost Employee Morale

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
It’s one thing to have a workforce, but it’s an entirely different thing when that workforce is motivated and confident in what they do. Part of business success is to have people contributing to it using a combination of skill, talent, and you guessed it, morale.
Sure, your employees have all the skills needed on paper. You look at their resume and they have all the qualities and abilities you have been searching for. In fact, you may hire quite the most competent staff any company has ever seen. However, if they do not feel inspired or uncompelled to do their job, they will fall short or worse, leave.
When an employee is motivated, he or she excels, meeting deadlines and completing projects as needed, often even exceeding expectations. A lot of research has revealed that it all boils down to morale – the better their morale is, the better their productivity.
So, if you lead a team of people, what do you do next? Here are four ways to boost employee morale.
Recognize Performance
People are more inspired to work when their good performance are taken notice of. While it’s important to address poor performance so an employee can improve, it is just as important to praise them for a job well done. Generally speaking, people have a need for validation and recognition, without which there will be a lack of motivation and would most likely produce results that are just okay, or even not up to par. Recognizing their efforts do not need to be elaborate all the time. A simple thank you, words of encouragement, or even public recognition and rewards can go a long way.
Show Appreciation
In connection to the previous point, sometimes a simple gesture to show appreciation will also go a long way. Pizza Fridays or Donut Wednesdays can be a thing at your office – giving people that simple but much-needed boost to their day. While it’s nearly impossible to recognize all your employees one at a time for great performances, gestures such as this are greatly appreciated.
Connect the Company’s Vision to Theirs
It’s easier for people to do well when they have a sense of belonging, and when they know what they’re working collectively towards. It’s easy but bland to just go through the motions, but if they realize the bigger picture and feel that they’re contributing to a greater good, they will most likely have more to look forward to than just the average, day to day activities. If you share your organization’s vision and mission, and of course sharing the feeling of excitement toward those goals, your employees will follow suit!
Have Fun
People often forget that it’s okay to have fun at the work place! Nothing keeps a person’s morale up than having actual, genuine fun. Again, such activities can be simple and affordable. Perhaps a company picnic, a team pot luck, or company sports teams could start you off. Point is, when employees feel there is fun to be had even in a working environment, they will have more energy and look forward to such events that cut the monotony of the daily grind.
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