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Brand Warrior (aka Graphic Designer)

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Meet Elisa Villanueva, Graphic Designer for Hire Up Staffing Services. She joined the Corporate office of Hire Up in October of 2020 with 8 years of prior graphic design experience. She first opened up adobe illustrator CS6 back in 2012 and she has not been able to pry herself away since. Elisa believes that as an artist, graphic design allows her to create on a different platform and in a different medium, creating more space for creativity to flow.

Outside of work Elisa enjoys spending time with her family, just hanging out and catching up! If she is not with her family, Elisa enjoys trying out hot new places in the Fresno area as it continues to grow. She also enjoys thrifting, she loves hunting for creative and unique pieces that she can upcycle! She believes by upcycling fun clothes, she has the opportunity to make more sub sustainable fashion choices while saving money.

Elisa loves capturing the office culture of Hire Up in her work. She believes that Hire Up is the prefect place for her as the culture, style and brand of Hire Up overlap nicely with her design specialties and style. She is excited to further assist in the growth of Hire Up through her unique office brand designs!