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Calling all Central Valley business sponsors with BIG hearts to increase local medical care for all

By rebecca in News and Updates

If you are familiar with Hire Up Staffing Services, then you may already know our President, Rebecca Kirkman. As the owner of a leading staffing agency, Rebecca leverages her talent for connecting people and resources to help others build stronger businesses and better lives. She genuinely cares about the communities our organization serves, and with offices nationwide, her commitment runs deep. However, the Central Valley, where she calls home, holds a special place in her heart.

Rebecca Kirkman and a group of like-minded women founded the Founders Club, a network of talented professionals from California’s Central Valley dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and health of our community through active philanthropy.

Now, more than ever, we need sponsors to support our mission and help us reach our goals.

Founders Club members generously contribute their time, resources, and talents to support Community Health System and its mission to provide the highest level of care to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Becoming a sponsor is a powerful way to make a difference and contribute to a cause that affects us all.

Community Health System’s story began in 1897 when Celia Burnett, the proprietor of Fresno’s only successful boarding house, gained a reputation for nursing ill travelers back to health. Partnering with local physicians, Celia helped create Fresno’s first private hospital, then named Burnett Sanitarium. In 1945, the facility became Fresno Community Hospital, and it has since evolved into Community Health System, a non-profit organization.

Though the Founders Club’s history doesn’t stretch back as far as the hospital’s, it has already made a significant impact. In just over a year since its inception, the Founders Club has raised more than $400,000. These funds support the Bob Smittcamp Neuroscience Institute, a specialized treatment center that provides essential brain and spine care within the Central Valley, sparing patients and their families from traveling out of the area for specialized treatment.

The neuroscience cause is personal for many Founders Club members, who have loved ones affected by neurological issues such as stroke, head injuries, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s. There is a critical need for more neurological resources within the Central Valley, and Rebecca excels at rallying people and resources to drive positive change.

Want to learn more about the impact of neurological disorders? Visit the Community Medical Center’s website and watch inspiring stories of Central Valley patients affected by these conditions.

Interested in supporting the Founders Club’s efforts to bring more neuroscience specialists to the Valley? Here’s how you can help:

Join the Founders Club in leading positive change. By raising awareness and financial support, we can enhance the availability of neuroscience treatment in the Central Valley. This rewarding opportunity is open to everyone, and donations of any amount make a difference. Help Rebecca and the Founders Club reach their goal to elevate the service and wellbeing of our community.