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Candidates are Customers: Here’s How to Effectively Market and Sell Job Positions In Your Company

By hire-up-staffing in Staffing Updates
It’s important to note that job candidates are akin to being a customer, with open job positions as the goods and services they are trying to “buy.” As such, as a company no matter how big or small you are supposed to “sell” the positions properly.
Finding the talent and skillsets you need is very similar to wooing new customers – it will help get talent and so it’s highly important to nurture every single one of them. Taking this business model into consideration, it’s the job of a staffing firm, in collaboration with a company’s HR department, to land talent in such a manner:
·         Give the candidate a reason to drop his or her current job for one that offers better opportunities in development both at work and in life outside of it.
·         Refine the message of the job’s value into something that has an impact that will attract them.
·         Allow that message to get through in all possible channels.
·         Keep your company in contact with these leads, following through until the candidates are convinced and the deal is closed.
·         Keep analytics – if there’s a tracking software, that would be helpful as well. Analyze things like conversion rates from leads to successful job offers. Use this data to continuously improve future hirings and other possible related forecasting.
Stay Connected with Your Leads
In order to stay effective and relevant, you need to stay connected to your leads. With the help of a staffing firm, you can keep tabs on those leads should a similar or matching job position open up again. This is especially useful now that technology is at its peak, allowing people to be more easily in touch with the swipe of a finger.
At the moment, a whopping 71% of adults in the US own and use a smart device such as a phone or tablet. They’re not even for just phone calls anymore – we use them to shop for things, communicate with friends, and even search for jobs! It’s not just the millennials too – 54% of people aged 44-54 also use smart devices to find jobs, and interestingly enough 35% of adults over 55 also do the same.
How do you utilize this? Here are a few tips which you can either do yourself or seek help from a staffing company such as ours:
·         Create a process that is streamlined yet usable and customizable for each candidate.
·         Communicate well, and if possible be as consistent and make your company stand out from competitors.
·         Define your market and stick with it. Don’t be a jack of all trades but a master of none – make your brand stand out.
·         Know the industry. Know your competitors. Define your expectations of employees based on your knowledge of it.
·         Know your prospects.
·         Be prepared, organized, and knowledgeable.
·         Document the recruitment cycle and see what you can learn from it as well.
·         Be a great business partner, one that listens rather than pushes their candidates to fill positions that will not benefit them.