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Career Whiz (aka Recruiter – Fresno)

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” I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. The culture here is incredible. The energy, the love, the smiles and laughter that I experience daily with my team is one in a million. I am extremely fortunate to be a part of such an empowering team” – Carolyn

Meet Carolyn Basinger, Recruiter for the Fresno office of Hire Up Staffing Services. Carolyn joined the Hire Up team in April of 2019, with her previous years spent as a staffing coordinator. Growing up she knew one thing, she wanted to help people. She pondered being a Dr. or a Teacher but that all changed when she started working in staffing and witnessed the employees thanking their recruiters for finding them their new career opportunity. Now, instead of witnessing a recruiter helping a candidate, she gets to help them herself! Her primary focus is industrial recruiting, but this has not stopped her from placing candidates in professional office settings as well.

Not only is Carolyn a full time recruiter, but a full time dog mom too! She and her boyfriend have two beautiful Queensland Heelers. A blue named Duke and their newest little fur baby, Rusty, a red Queensland! Carolyn also has an obsession for all things Disney. You need to know the in’s and out’s of Disneyland? What time Mickey will be out for Pictures? Want to know everything about Walt Disney himself? Carolyn is your girl! Aside from that, Carolyn considers her interests pretty average; give her a good Disney movie, her pups, and cheese and she is one happy gal’ (seriously this girl likes her cheese).

Carolyn is from small town, Corcoran. Growing up in Kings County, and growing up in a blue collar family, made her eyes open to just how important agriculture truly is to our beautiful Valley. She has always carried a true passion for helping others, and is determined to make her mark in industrial staffing.