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Optimize the performance of your human resource initiatives across the board.

We’d like to take this opportunity to help you
fully understand what HR consulting is and
the considerable benefits it provides.

What is HR Consulting?

Simply put, HR consulting is just as it sounds, consulting on all aspects of human resources. That includes everything from streamlining your recruiting process to implementation of more valuable HR technologies and all that falls in between.

The goal of human resources consulting is to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication by increasing the performance of your HR program. This is achieved by identifying your business’s unique needs, developing a strategy for accomplishment, and creating and implementing systems and processes for long-term success.

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Benefits of HR Consulting

The benefits of human resources consulting are vast. To keep things clear and concise, here are a few of our favorites:




Possibly the number one benefit of HR consulting is the influx of expertise that it delivers. HR consultants are, by definition, experts in their field. Moreover, they’re those individuals who are operating in the top percentile and are familiar with what it takes to help their clients set and achieve their HR goals.

That means HR consulting helps you to evaluate the unique needs for your business and develop unique solutions to meet those needs. If they encounter education or systems gaps, they can
implement the types of training identified to be the most effective for your team.

HR consultants work to implement major change that has a dramatic impact in a rapid timeframe. They can do so because they have the experience necessary to make more accurate evaluations and
understand exactly how to use those
insights to your advantage.




One of the most common problems in HR is a business owner or HR team’s inability to recognize the impediments that are holding back their performance. If all of your systems are functioning and everything is going according to plan, there may still be a need to evaluate your systems or plans.

HR consultants are able to help businesses identify weak links or sticking points that they aren’t able to identify themselves. By providing external objective insights into your HR program, a consultant can help you overcome obstacles you didn’t know were holding you back.




The expertise provided via HR consulting allows for the creation of a highly effective HR strategy. This typically replaces an outdated or ineffective approach and often represents the first formal HR strategy in a company’s history.

Rather than depending on online research or templates to creates your strategy, an HR consultant can work with you hand in hand to craft a highly effective plan of action, implement the systems that support it, and optimize those systems to keep your HR machine running at full speed.




Another critical benefit of HR consulting, restoring focus to your primary business objectives, is also one of the least recognized. Time saved is money earned, and when a comparably minimal investment allows you to generate the optimal performance from your HR in a relatively short amount of time, the time savings can be significant.

Consider simply operating at a sub-optimal capacity for years and the impact that has on your bottom line. Then consider attempting to optimize your HR program on your own while focusing on the various other business initiatives that you handle daily, as well as how long that process would take and whether it would be effective or even get done.

By restoring focus to your primary business initiatives, you’ll be able to streamline your HR program, improve performance in other departments, and save considerably over the long term.




Cost is certainly one of the most important benefits you’ll receive from HR consulting. By working with Hire Up, you will receive all the benefits of working with a human resources expert without having to hire them directly.

Furthermore, you’ll have a high-level expert available to train/support your current HR staff without having to replace employees or hire additional staff in an attempt to cover any gaps. Finally, the cost of operating at a suboptimal level for months or years to come is eliminated in a short time frame when you hire experts to optimize your HR program.

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How Hire Up Delivers HR
Consulting Success

You’ve seen the benefits that effective HR consulting can deliver. When it comes time to optimize your human resources program, it’s important to understand exactly what you’ll be getting.

As human resource and hiring experts, Hire Up is continually adapting our proven processes to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of our clients.

HR Audits

HR Audits

HR audits allow us to evaluate your entire human resources program from top to bottom. We identify weak points and make recommendations about how to go about optimizing your HR initiatives.

Compliance  Consulting

Compliance Consulting

It’s critical that your business remains compliant to the ever-changing rules and regulations. We provide comprehensive consulting on employee compliance, ensuring your policies are always up-to-date and abiding by current laws.

Employee Handbook Creation

Employee Handbook Creation

A well-crafted employee handbook can have a massive impact when onboarding new hires. It can also help to ensure all of your employees conduct themselves according to your internal policies and guidelines. We can help you create a highly effective handbook that covers all the necessary elements and optimizes your HR team’s ability to uphold internal regulations.

Safety  Consulting

Safety Consulting

Employee safety should be a priority for any company in order to reduce the risk of accidents and the resulting negative impacts on business. We’ll work with you to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your employee safety issues and help you determine ways to improve any weak points we were able to identify.

Situational Consulting  (compensation, harassment,  discrimination, etc.)

Situational Consulting (compensation, harassment, discrimination, etc.)

We also provide consulting on specific HR related scenarios. Most businesses encounter issues with regards to compensation, harassment, discrimination, and more. We can help your business handle these situations more effectively in order to reduce any negative impact and streamline the resolution process.

Medical or Other Leave Requirements

Medical or Other Leave Requirements

We’ll help you update your current employee leave policies in order to ensure they are compliant and your entire business is operating according to the most recent regulations.


Employer Branding Consulting

We also provide consulting on specific HR related scenarios. Most businesses encounter issues with regards to compensation, harassment, discrimination, and more. We can help your business handle these situations more effectively in order to reduce any negative impact and streamline the resolution process.



Our licensed investigators are available to conduct third party sexual harassment, misconduct, theft, and workers’ comp fraud investigations.


Employee Filing and I-9 Support

The penalties for not correctly filing and completing I-9’s can be in the thousands of dollars. Employers need to know the proper legal guidelines and have a standard operating procedure in place that clearly instructs employees on the process. Without a formal system, you’re not only risking the company’s exposure, but also potentially individuals’ exposure with identity theft on the rise today. Hire Up can assist in setting up these guidelines, establishing procedures for your manuals to ensure that everyone is following the process, and also enroll the company in E-Verify. E-Verify is a free Internet-based system available to all businesses to confirm employment eligibility. The system compares information entered on the I-9 Form to records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration. Having Hire Up implement E-Verify provides your business with verification that your employees are legally authorized to work in the United States, and can also alert employees to mismatches in their government records.

We’re a Partner in
Your HR Success

At Hire Up Staffing Services, we take a collaborative, consultative approach. We ask all of our clients to direct us as if we were on your payroll and your direct assistant. We’re not just a service, we are a group that is connected to you and your organization, supporting future growth and success along the way.

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What is Staffing?

Simply put, staffing is the efficient and cost-effective process of locating and hiring the highest quality candidate for any job opportunity.

In essence, it’s everything that goes into filling your open positions as effectively as possible.

This means clearly distinguishing the needs of the hiring business and identifying those most qualified to meet them from within an extensive network of rigorously vetted professionals.


Effective staffing is a unique process.

Highly effective staffing requires a detailed understanding of the local employment ecosystem and a strategic approach that has been designed around those hard-earned insights.

That means understanding local businesses, local employees, and how to pair them in a way that delivers the desired outcomes for both parties. This is achieved by aligning the skill sets of quality candidates with a company’s need, culture, and business goals.

The objectives of any effective staffing organization should always be to:

Align skills and experience with business objectives

Deliver the most effective and efficient process possible

Ensure compliance with local and federal laws

Guarantee position

Quality staffing means placing the candidate with the proper skills, talents, and qualifications to perform the job at the highest level possible.

It also means working to provide the most efficient experience possible in order to reduce costs, time, and other resources being spent on filling an open position.

Moreover, highly effective staffing means an organization never has to worry about various laws and regulations such as equal opportunity employment or non-discrimination that can challenge the hiring process.

Finally, it’s also a guarantee that a position will be filled and that a business will never have to be distressed with the burden of making a wrong hire.


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What influences the staffing process?

Typically, there are several factors that influence the staffing process such as: Current employment ecosystem, Company size, Salary structure, Working conditions, and Growth rate.

Employment Ecosystem The employment ecosystem is constantly changing.

The population remains in a continual state of flux; various industries are growing or downsizing, and (among many variables) the overall economic health of the state directly impacts the job market and hiring pool.

Without a thorough understanding of the current ecosystem, it becomes difficult to develop a strategic approach to hiring and a process that will effectively meet a business’s current needs. For example, the availability of prospective talent is always changing and may be much different than the last time a business was charged with hiring for a particular position, leading to gaps between their expectations and what’s actually possible.

Company Size and Growth Rate A larger employer will often have an increased need for staffing new employees.

After all, a greater internal population makes for greater overall turnover. What that also means is that without outside help, they need to employ significantly more people to fill positions and manage the hiring process.

However, even smaller organizations need to focus on optimizing their staffing process. Smaller businesses typically lack the manpower or resources to conduct highly effective hiring on their own and often end up making sub-optimal hires as a result. Their recruitment process may be shorter and simpler, but it can take up the valuable time of key employees who may ultimately rush through the process.

The rate at which a company grows can make the staffing process even more challenging. When staffing a business that is growing quickly, finding enough high-quality candidates and ensuring enough resources are dedicated to doing so becomes difficult. In slower growing organizations, the changes between hiring periods and limited understanding of the current conditions can present their own issues.

Salary Structure and Internal Branding Adjusting internal salary structure may be required in hiring environments where quality candidates are limited.

Top talent is less likely to show interest in tighter salary structures unless the additional benefits of opportunity are clearly promoted and enticing.

Working conditions, company culture, employee reviews, and various elements that make up an organization's internal branding can have a dramatic impact when staffing open positions.

Benefits of Highly Effective Staffing

There are many benefits to highly effective staffing services, but we’d like to highlight some of the most important.


Save Time

According to NACE, the average time from interview to hire is 22.5 days. When you consider the time involved in creating a listing for your position, sifting through applicants, and scheduling interviews, you could be wasting a lot of time trying to find the right person.

Now imagine if that hire didn’t work out. The process would have to start all over.

Hiring a team of professionals means dramatically cutting down the time involved in hiring for virtually any position. For example, we maintain an ever-expanding repository of experts in a wide variety of fields and can staff for most positions in a matter of days instead of weeks.


Save Money

While time is an incredibly important commodity, nothing affects your bottom line like wasting money hiring. Hiring for a position that may be slow or unnecessary for a part of the year? Sounds expensive!

That’s not even the worst of it. The cost of hiring your own personnel is far more expensive than most businesses think. When you add up every interview hour, training hour, and even the cost of your job listings, the hiring process often costs several thousand dollars. In a scenario where a hire doesn't last, that cost can double.


Increased Flexibility

No matter your industry, you likely see seasonal peaks and valleys that increase and decrease the demands placed on your existing team. Rather than hiring a full-time employee to take on less than full-time work, hire smart and only employ someone for the time you need the extra help.

Spreading extra work across your existing team means higher stress and decreased productivity. We don’t even need to get into how much overtime is going to cost.


Expert Placement

Another reason staffing agencies make for such effective placement is our expert level screening. You may interview people a few times a year. We do it every day. We know exactly what to look for and what type of people suit which positions best.


Hire Guaranteed

While your experience may be different, a recent study showed that on a national level, up to 84% of hires simply don’t last. However, we can guarantee your hire fits your needs. If an employee doesn’t meet expectations, a good staffing agency has a contingency plan in place to keep you happy and your business operating smoothly.

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How Hire Up Staffing Services Supports Your Success

You’ve seen the variables that go into highly effective hiring, and we’re just sharing the key elements with you. When it comes time to fill your open positions, you’ll find that doing so efficiently and effectively may take more resources than you’re able to give.

That’s where we can help.

Hire Up is continually adapting our proven staffing strategy to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of our clients.


How It Works

Our approach to staffing is straightforward, efficient, and delivers the results you need to keep your business running at its optimum.

STEP 1 Assessment

Your company has a position that you’re struggling to fill. We perform an expert assessment of your unique staffing needs and work with you to develop a clear understanding of your ideal candidate. That includes skill set, culture fit, experience, and any additional feedback that helps to define our targeting.

STEP 2 Recruiting

We compare your ideal candidate profile against our extensive hiring pool, then present resumes, evaluate each potential hire against the specific needs of your business, and schedule interviews with the top performers.

STEP 3 Hiring

After multiple rounds of interviews, a final candidate is selected. Background checks and any additional screening is conducted to ensure the highest likelihood for successful placement. Upon passing of the required screening, an offer is submitted to the candidate, and the onboarding process is completely mediated for the smoothest possible transition into your team.

Types of Staffing Services

The steps above outline the measures taken for each of the following services:


This staffing process is used to test a candidate’s capabilities before they are permanently hired. It allows your company to hire someone, have them work in the position, get to know your company/staff, and ensure sure it’s a good fit for both parties in the long term. This is also a great way to pay for staffing services as you go and avoid traditional hiring headaches until you’re confident in the match.



Temporary staffing is for an immediate need that is on a short-term or non-permanent basis. Temporary or contract placements can be great for covering for a medical leave, during a sudden influx of business, or on a project-by-project basis for a specific task like clean up accounting work or management of events.

Direct Hire

Direct hire placement allows for the recruitment of candidates for higher level or more specialized positions. Often, the best talent for these difficult to fill roles is found in working candidates with unique skill sets. Our direct hire recruiting allows your business to screen and hire true experts that are perfectly suited for your position while receiving a discount on our services and a guarantee for placement in the event that the position becomes vacant.



The latest and greatest trend in hiring, payrolling, allows employers to avoid immediately hiring new employees directly by using a staffing service. We conduct background checks and pre-employment screenings, then complete the onboarding process to put the employee on our payroll. This allows the company to work with the prospective employee for a trial period without the additional cost and effort of adding them to their own payroll, similar to the benefits of a temp-to-hire agreement.

We’re A Partner in Your Staffing Success.

At Hire Up Staffing Services, we take a collaborative, consultative approach. We ask all of our clients that you direct us as if we were on your payroll and your direct assistant. We’re not just a service, we are a group that is connected to you and your organization, supporting future growth and success along the way.

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Employee Screening Means Smarter Hiring

Unfortunately, as many as 60% of job applicants have lied on their resume or on a job application. Proper employee screening can help you better understand your potential hires and whether or not they’re the right person for the job.

7 Benefits of Employee Screening


Avoid Unfortunate Surprises

The competitive nature of the interview process can get normally honest people lying or omitting important information. They may consider these items to be inconsequential while you use them as important benchmarks in vetting your talent. Employee screening helps to ensure you have as much info as possible to make an informed decision.


Higher Quality Candidates

More information inevitably leads to making better hires. That initial investment in talent acquisition provides a compounding return over the course of their career with your company. They deliver a more reliable and higher quality of work compared to a less qualified hire that may have falsified their application or references.


Improved Security and Safety

The hard truth is that it’s difficult to know about a hire’s malicious intentions or potential for bad behavior until it’s too late. A comprehensive criminal background check can help understand what your candidate has been involved in and how recently to properly evaluate their place on your team.


Decreased Turnover

When you make informed decisions about who you hire and end up hiring better candidates more of the time, you also end up with that talent staying in their positions for longer. By decreasing turnover, you keep your company’s productivity more consistent and decrease the resources allocated to onboarding.


Lowered Cost-Per-Hire

By decreasing turnover and keeping your productivity consistent, you can dramatically decrease your cost-per-hire. Every hire requires a financial investment, as well as an investment of time, resources, and productivity to get them up to speed.

Our Employee Screening Services

County criminal background checks

Federal background checks

County criminal records searches

Drug screening

Credit checks

Reference checks

DMV checks

TB tests

Pre-employment physicals

Start your Employee Screening Process Now!

Our Employee Screening Process

Hire Up Staffing Services is your one-stop-shop for all things related to employee screening. We take the follow up off your plate and handle everything from start to finish, getting you the items needed as quickly as possible.

Step 1 Screening Consent Form

Have your candidate fill out the employee screening consent form and email it to us for processing. This authorizes us to conduct the desired screenings and provides us with the information that we need to get started.


Step 2 Comprehensive Employee Screening

We conduct the desired levels of employee screening based on the information provided in the consent form, either in-house or via reputable third-party vendors with whom we have established trusted working relationships.

Step 3 Results and Decision

Once the screening has been conducted, you’ll be able to determine whether your candidate reports have returned any red flags. At this point, it’s ultimately up to you to determine whether they’re the right person for the job, but we can provide expert feedback based on experience with these reports and support you in making the right decision.


Step 4 (Optional) Post-Screening Probationary Period

Employee screening can tell you a lot about your candidate, but you still may not be sure about them or be ready to take on the responsibility of making the hire. We offer payrolling services that allow you to conduct a trial period and use our office as their employer of record. This saves you the need for the lengthy paperwork and employee files until you know that it’s going to be a good match. A candidate’s true testament is the way they perform in their job. Take advantage of our payrolling services until you’re completely confident in your new hire.

Start your Employee Screening Process Now!

Current Openings

Hire Up is a full-service staffing firm dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service for direct-hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary positions, including assistance with payroll and job search resources. Every member of our team comes with tenure in the staffing industry, and as a whole, we have over 100 years combined experience to serve you the best out of any service in our area.

Since opening our doors in May of 2010

We have assisted several California and Texas businesses in identifying quality candidates for their open positions and have placed an average of 41 employees per month!

We are dedicated to serving our clients and applicants with the most comprehensive and professional level of service.

We provide recruitment consulting for:


Cost Accountants
Data Entry
Staff Accountants


Administrative Support
Clerical Role
General Office Clerk


Legal Secretary
Law Clerk
File Clerk
Professional Receptionist
Court Runner


Lab Supervisor
Maintenance Manager or Supervisor
Office Manager
Production Supervisor
Purchasing Supervisor

Medical, Clinical & More:

Medical Records
Physician’s Assistant
Front Office Medical
Lab Assistant

And we staff in every industry, including medical, manufacturing, produce/agriculture, farming, finance, professional services, distribution, and much more! We are confident you will find our service is a step Hire Up from the rest! Please view our job board for an accurate, up-to-date listing of our open positions. We look forward to serving you!