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Congrats to our May EOTM of Bakersfield!

By hire-up-staffing in Employee of the Month

She has done an amazing job and we are proud to have her as part of our extended team.

Hire Up Manager

Like the seasons change so do our Employees of the Month! Every month out of each year we recognize one candidate from each Hire Up location. Out of ALL our employees placed in the Bakersfield area, we chose to recognize Danielle who is a Front Office Assistant for one of our top clients. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is in her placement and all of us at Hire Up are are proud to have her represent our company.

Becoming Employee of the Month is a high honor at Hire Up Staffing, but is definitely achievable. Here are some tips to help you or your employee work towards being recognized at EOTM:

  1. Always be on time for work and have great attendance.
  2. Help others at work and be a team player.
  3. Get your job done and do it well.
  4. Be a problem solver and be proactive in your position.
  5. Always have a positive attitude.
  6. Be a leader and take initiative!
  7. Be organized and get things done in a timely manor.
  8. Be your best, do your best, and always think outside the box!

Following these simple steps will help you reach your highest heights in your career! We believe in you!