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Corporate Jedi (aka Executive Coordinator)

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“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Meet Katelynn Hunsaker, she joined the Hire Up team in January of 2019 as the Recruiting Coordinator of Fresno and has since joined the corporate team as the Executive Coordinator of Hire Up Staffing Services. She strives to ensure that everyone’s experience at Hire Up is nothing short of outstanding from the moment they walk through the door. While she is the direct assistant to The President of the company, she is always happy to jump in to assist any and all team members! She truly enjoys working alongside her team to push for overall company growth, functionality, organization.

Being 4’11 with big buggsy glasses, people are often surprised when they discover she is a true metal head! Some of her favorite show’s she has seen yet include; Baroness, Metallica, and TOOL. If Katelynn is not at work or attending a concert you can find her meditating, traveling or golfing (even though she has been playing for 7 years and still can’t shoot under 110). She is addicted to, I mean obsessed with shopping – Handbags, shoes, big boho earrings!

If you have ever emailed, messaged or texted Katelynn you can probably guess from her excessive use of exclamation marks that she is always the positive one and constantly on the  search for positive/motivational quotes to add to her notebooks, desk, and overall life! She steps forward with bold public speaking skills, sharp soft skills, and a striving commitment to her work.