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Day 1 Of Hire Up Staffing's 12 Days Of Giving – Ritchie Trucking

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Today kicks off Hire Up Staffing’s 12 Days of Giving!! Throughout the month we will be boosting your charities by promoting and donating. We made our first stop today at Ritchie Trucking and dropped off our donation. Their cause of choice is called “Bless-A-Family” program through the Fresno Rescue Mission. The way it works is that the Fresno Rescue Mission identifies families that are in need of help this holiday season and pairs them up with donors who can help. Ritchie Trucking has been assigned a family and given their wish list. This list includes various items such as; clothing, shoes, toys, and food for a holiday meal.
Here is a photo of Brooke Bedrosian, our newest Recruiting Coordinator, donating to the team at Ritchie Trucking.


Good news, the owners of the company, Bruce and Pam Lackey have offered to match any donations collected by the team.  If you would like to participate in supporting this cause, please contact Karim Baker by email: or phone: (559) 233-6668. Keep in mind that there is no donation too small, anything will help!

Since today is #givingtuesday, we are reaching out to you for your support. Are you ready to help out this cause?

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Here is more about this amazing charity:

The Academy is an 18 month rehabilitation program for men. During the 1 year in-patient portion of the Academy program, the 85 men in the program are not allowed to have an outside job.  They live here at the Fresno Rescue Mission and focus on their recovery.  This poses a financial hardship for their families, many who have wives and children.  This is especially difficult for these families during the holidays.  Bless-A-Family allows community groups, families, businesses, churches and organizations the opportunity to make the holidays more joyful for these families in need.

The way Bless-A-Family works:

  • Bud Searcy, the Academy Director, oversees this holiday opportunity. Academy families that have needs sign up to participate.  They are evaluated and selected based upon their specific family needs.· Once selected, the family’s information regarding the family size, number of children, and specific individual members needs are gathered –  (e.g. clothing sizes, shoe sizes, biggest needs & toys wanted, etc.
  • Once matched with a family, you will be provided with the information gathered.  There is no obligation to give a family everything on the list and the list is to give you specific information to guide you as you shop.
  • We recommend you also include as a gift a gift-certificate for the family to purchase fixings for a holiday meal.
  • When you are ready to present these gifts to the family, we will arrange a day and a time for you to meet them and bless them with their gifts. If you prefer to not personally meet with the families, we can make arrangements to get the gifts to them.

We prefer to have this completed on or before December 20.

For additional information, you may contact Bud Searcy at 268-0839 ext. 115.