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Do You Know How To Choose The Right Multi-Vitamin?

By rebecca in The Wellness Program

With the standard American diet (S.A.D.) being so nutrient poor, it’s no wonder so many of us are deficient in one thing or another. The soil we grow our crops in is over farmed and filled with chemicals, and the produce is picked way too early and ripened with ethylene gas. The animals we get our milk, eggs, and meat from are fed a terrible diet and filled with hormones and antibiotics that enter the food we eat.

One of the most common supplements any practitioner will start their patients on is a multivitamin and mineral supplement. It’s very difficult to accurately test for all vitamin and mineral deficiencies, because the levels in the blood and urine may not reflect the levels that make it to the tissues.

So let’s just assume that a “multi” is a good fit for the majority of us, especially those with a health problem. One thing we have to consider is the quality of the supplement. The cheap drugstore brand may save you a few bucks, but the abortion rate of these may be way down compared to the good ones. We want to avoid any supplements with fillers, binders, or additives. Plus, the muftis our bodies really like are food based, meaning the vitamins and minerals in the supplement are source from whole foods. For example, synthetic vitamin C has been shown to cause kidney stones. Why would we want to do that to our bodies? Let’s find a multi that has a high absorption rate and consider that probiotics can increase absorption by 50% or more, and provide our main source of vitamin k, biotin, and the b vitamins. Liquids are more easily absorbed than powders or pills, but all of them are better than nothing. We also want added fulvic acid if possible, which helps with chelation (removing toxic metals from the body). Fulvic acid can be provided by the soil bacteria in your probiotic, so it’s not imperative that we get it from our multi.

We also want to make sure we get as much of our vitamins and minerals from our food as possible. Eat your veggies as organic, fresh, and whole as possible. Eat your animal products (including dairy and eggs) from grass fed, free range, organic, happy, healthy animals. Include fresh pressed juices in your diet and you’ve hit the mother load! Fresh juice is concentrated vitamins and minerals in a tasty drink.


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