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Get Your Team Involved in Charity Events

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Businesses that get themselves involved in charities and give back to a community would give time, effort, money, kind, and other sorts of resources which in return also reap many benefits. This allows employees to be involved and productive as well, and give them a good reason to stay with a company that gives back. The company would also improve in brand visibility and expansion of network contacts.
Here are a few suggestions for a business that wants their teams to get involved in charities:
Focus Locally
Look around your city, town, or general area for charities and nonprofits, or local chapters of bigger groups. It could be an animal shelter, or anything you or your company feels strongly about. You can even set a goal of donating a certain percentage of the company’s profits.
Of course, once you’ve found a local charity your company will focus on, you have to do research. Make sure they’re reputable, responsible, honest, and open.
Consider What Matters Most to Your Company
As leader of your team or company, you can either get your people to vote on a cause that means the most to them or you could choose one for the entire group and see if they agree. This could mean you’ll select a nonprofit that’s related to the mission of your business or your expertise.
Let Employees Have a Choice
There are some businesses that allow employees to donate their time or money on their own. This gives people employee satisfaction since they have a personal investment in the process.
Keep Records
Of course, it’s also important to keep track of all the charitable projects for the sake of taxes and other purposes. Take note of the money and time given, when and how those happened, and to whom the company donates to. If you don’t have the manpower to do so, it’s okay to hire a consultant temporarily or on a regular, as-needed basis.
Get Together
Get the whole office or some designated teams (sometimes in rotation, perhaps) to volunteer at a local charity or event. There’s strength in numbers and it brings up the spirit of employees. The people get to bond with each other as a team and get to help the community at the same time.