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Halloween in the Hospital – How to Safely Celebrate for Healthcare Staff

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Since we are one of the Valley’s most reliable staffing resources especially in the healthcare industry, we thought it would be fun to focus this special Halloween blog on that!
Halloween is a fun time for most people, especially children. However, there’s still the reality that some people have to celebrate it at the hospital. It could be that they or someone they love fell ill during that time, or they’re a healthcare industry worker who didn’t get the night off during that day. That still shouldn’t stop everyone from having a good time and having a positive experience.
Here are some tips for healthcare workers on how to best celebrate this fun-filled celebration at the hospital:
Still Find Time to Celebrate
It could be subtle or otherwise, but find some way to allow your medical staff to celebrate. It could be a party or small gathering with some Halloween-themed treats, or allowing people to wear a costume (or something as simple as headgear to add to their scrubs or doctors’/nurses’ uniform), or have them give away some candy packages to patients, or whatever – as long as it’s something that recognizes the holiday. Boost your staff’s morale and culture by doing something special and enjoyable for everyone.
Don’t Force Participation
Make sure that these gatherings are voluntary – not everyone enjoys Halloween or sees it as a holiday. None of the hospital staff should ever feel forced into participation of something they may not be into or care for.
Make Sure Costumes Are Safe
Ensure that everyone who does decide to dress up to still keep professionalism in mind. In addition, nothing should be hazardous – a medical clinic should always prioritize patient safety. Make sure your medical practice would not have any costumes or celebrations that would endanger anybody or worsen a patient’s condition.
Communicate Well With Your Staff
Make sure that you communicate everything with your staff that will be around during the holiday. Ensure that they are well aware of all information regarding celebrations, especially these kinds that involve costumes, loud noises, and dietary restrictions (such as not handing candy bars to people with diabetes or any other similar conditions).
Have Fun
Remember that Halloween is a fun celebration especially for children. As mentioned previously, make sure to keep things safe and healthy, but never forget that it’s about bringing smiles to peoples’ faces in the hospital and make them enjoy the holiday regardless of where they’re celebrating it.
Do you work in a hospital? What do you think of celebrating Halloween at work?
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