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Have a More Positive Work Day by Improving Your Office Space

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


Work life should be a mostly positive experience. After all, we spend around 40 hours a week there, if not more. Because of this, why not personalize it a bit to make it more conducive to productivity and make yourself feel good?

Have you ever experienced looking for something frantically because everything’s so topsy-turvy? Or have you forgotten certain tasks because your to-do list was buried deep in a pile of papers or junk. In general, when you look at your workspace, do you feel overwhelmed or stressed at all? If you said yes to the above, it may be high time for you to reorganize your desk or office space. Here are a few tips:

Keep your desk clean and clutter-free

When your desk is organized and clean, there’s a higher chance you’ll be more efficient. A desk filled with too much clutter often makes the mind stressed. You don’t even have to be super neat – just organized. A few drawers, pen holders, letter trays, and the like can help clean up your work area. Choose ones that suit your personality, of course.

Make your desk area more spacious by getting rid of things that are unimportant when it comes to working. Keep things like shoes, jackets, coffee mugs, and other non-work materials out of sight. Not only are they unappealing to look at, but they also take up real estate you could possibly use for work. Try getting storage for under your desk like a basket or other form of hidden storage you can tuck away when you don’t need them?

Keep healthy, energy giving and positive food in stock

Most office vending machines keep refreshments and sweets for everyday snacking on the go. However, don’t you notice we’re usually never really satisfied after eating them? Lots of these manufactured food are unhealthy, lacking in nutrients, and add to our health going down. Eating smartly and healthily means taking care of our bodies and brains, helping boost positivity and self-esteem. A healthy body and mind allows for happier, more assertive choices.

It make take some time and adjustment, but try bringing prepared meals at home – you have less reason to grab a slice of pizza or donut at work. For snacks, choose healthier options such as trail mix, dried fruits, nuts like almonds, or protein bars. These types of food have more nutrients, filling up both your tummy and your mind.

Use décor that shows off your personality and spreads motivation

It’s important to make an office space our own – we spend so many hours there that it needs to feel as homey as possible (of course, without offending anyone or breaking any office rules). Find things that will inspire you, enhance your attitude, and overall give you a more engaging feeling. Don’t be afraid to show your quirks – maybe a Yoda poster saying “Do or do not… there is no try,” or a scenic image from a vacation you want to have that will motivate you to work well, or something to that effect. Post a few printed pictures of people you care about – your kids, your family, your pet, your friends. These remembrances keep you inspired and happy, keeping you in the right direction when you feel a little off at work on certain days.

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