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Have You Heard About The "Quit Your Job App"?

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates


Have you ever quit a job with little or no notice? Under almost any circumstance, it is unprofessional to leave your job without a two week notice. Don’t let this article confuse you, Hire Up Staffing does we require a verbal or written announcement, we just want to see what you think about the latest technology; The “Quit Your Job App”. This app takes the user through a series of steps to determine why they want to leave their current position and then crafts a personalized text message and delivers directly to his/her boss. The app was developed by the same team who created The Breakup Text App. It started as something funny, but developers are hoping it changes the “standard” of how we leave our jobs.

“Despite all the advances in technology we still quit our jobs the same way we did hundreds of year ago,” said Alex Douzet, chief executive officer of TheLadders, a New York-based employment company that produces the app. “It’s an experiment to see if people will actually use it seriously. If thousands of people download the app and only one ends up using it seriously, that’s interesting because it’s changing behaviors.”

What are your thoughts on this app as an employer or employee? Could this be the future of quitting your job? Unprofessional or Professional?

Thank you for reading!