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Healthy Proteins Keep You Fit!

By rebecca in The Wellness Program
People are all over the board when it comes to recommending levels of protein consumption. The truth is, healthy adults (especially men) often don’t need as much protein as they are consuming. In our case however, a healthy appetite for protein is important.Amino acids are hugely important for a multitude of bodily functions. For instance, tryptophan is the direct precursor for the neurotransmitter serotonin, which regulates mood and controls of happiness. Serotonin becomes melatonin which is responsible for us getting a good nights sleep, so you can see how small imbalances can create drastic changes in our lives.

Most of the protein found in our processed daily diet comes in the form of soy protein isolate. The soy in this case is stripped of its fiber in an alkaline bath, and then rinsed in acid in aluminum tanks. This acid bath causes the soy to absorb aluminum, which we then ingest. Our patient is most likely a highly toxic person already, and we need to be removing metals from their body, rather than adding any.

We want healthy proteins that our bodies are used to digesting from natural sources. Meats, fish, and eggs provide loads of healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and good sources of healthy fats and enzymes. The other side of that coin, is the fact that many of our commercially raised animals live pretty terrible lives. They live in cramped, filthy pens and cages, often contracting a number of diseases before they are processed for food. To fight this onslaught of disease these animals are fed a steady supply of antibiotics to keep them alive until they have reached their ideal size. These antibiotics stay with the food all the way to the plate, and play a role in the disbiosis of our gut. They speed this process along by giving them hormones to accelerate growth. These hormones alter the growth of our bodies and interfere with our bodies normal functioning. Finally, they are fed a diet of the most unpleasant things you can think of (genetically modified corn, chicken feathers, and much worse) in order to make up for the fact that these animals won’t see a pasture for most of their lives, if ever. These diets create abnormal proteins that have been shown to make labs rats very sick. Cows were not designed to eat corn, let alone the other garbage they are fed.

Most of the fish we see in the markets is farm raised and fed a similar diet to the cows and chickens. Disease is handled with the same antibiotics, and on top of it all, farm raised salmon is fed a pink dye to make them look more appealing in the markets. This dye is a toxic petroleum product and should be avoided.

Now that we have made it through most of the gross stuff, lets talk about what we do want to eat! There are lots of places that still offer traditionally pastured beef, cage free chicken and eggs, and pork from humanely raised pigs. Some beef can be called grass fed because the calves start their lives eating a diet of grass before quickly being moved in with the rest of the heard. You want grass finished beef, without hormones or antibiotics. Some salmon that is advertised to be wild caught is found to be farm raised with a false sticker on the wrapper. Make sure your fish monger or market is a reputable source. You want the good stuff!

Nuts, seeds, and beans are excellent sources of protein, as well as healthy fats (think omega 3), and lots of phytochemicals that your body needs. It is usually easier to find clean sources of vegetarian protein too, so when pastured meat is unavailable, turn to plant sources for a clean, filling meal. Organic beans are cheap and easy to include in a variety or recipes. A handful of raw, unsalted nuts or seeds is a great snack, or can be included in salads and other dishes to add some substance to a light veggie dish!

Ok, now that we know where our protein should come from, you make the decision as to where your protein comes from. You’re the boss!

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