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How To Give A Successful Performance Review

By rebecca in HRUpdates

As a leading staffing agency in the Central Valley, Hire Up knows that performance reviews are favored by few and dreaded by many. We, as experts in the field are here to give you some tips about how to make this process less painful for your team and you! We want to share the key to successful performance reviews.

1. Ask your employees to complete a self-evaluation. This process will outline all that they have accomplished in the evaluated time period. The list should include goals met, completed and uncompleted projects, accomplishments, and challenges.

2. Gather all background information ahead of time. Be sure to study a copy of the employee’s last review, notes from any meeting held discussing their performance, and supervisor and or client feedback.

3. Write and appraisal narrative. This should communicate key points to each employee, including how the employee has performed over the past year, what kinds of obstacles need to be discussed, and whether additional training or access to resources are needed for the employee to do their work more effectively.

4. Set expectations and goals! Take some time here to think about performance and developmental goals that each employee should achieve in the coming year. Also think about how you, as their leader, can assist in helping them accomplish these goals.

5. Set a time, date, and place. Find the right spot for performance reviews. This place should be quite and private. Give your employees advanced notice of their scheduled review, along with a copy of their appraisal narrative so they have all the information ahead of time and can prepare. Make sure to allow enough time for each employee’s review, enabling you to cover all the information and not feel rushed.

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