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In Lieu of Local Talent, Consider Remote Workers

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
When it comes to looking for the right talent, it sometimes becomes frustrating on the part of the employer when there is a lack of probable candidates for open positions. It’s not that there is a lack of talent per se – it’s just sometimes, a lot of the people your company could hire are already committed to another company or have resorted to switching fields, or some other bizarre twist of fate.
So here you are, with your HR team and your hired staffing firm on the lookout for local applicants, but to no avail. Perhaps you have exhausted all possible means such as re-checking previous applicants’ resumes, vast database searches, or opening LinkedIn and Open Web profiles from within your company’s vicinity.
There is, however, another option – try broadening your search, as in much wider geographically. A lot of times, especially in this increasingly mobile age, talent could be just around the corner or it could be halfway around the world. Some workers who are motivated enough would even relocate cities or states, as long as the company provides the right career opportunity.
You might think it’s a crazy last resort, but you may be surprised. In just the past year, almost a third of registered tech professionals in the Dice resume database said they were willing to move (if you are unaware, Dice is one of those job postings sites). And that’s just the technology professionals – there are others in different fields that are also willing to move for the right job.
As such, widening your talent search, and focusing on the skills rather than the location can add to your company’s luck in finding the right people. Sure, not all markets are created equal, but there are definitely some places that get more job applications from non-locals. Among the main states that get applied to by outsiders? California, New York, Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois.
This is why here in California, and in the above mentioned states, it makes sense for companies to tell their staffing firms to open up possibilities to professionals located elsewhere. Once a staffing company finds the right talent in people who are willing to relocate, the next step is to communicate.
Have your company open up to the possibility of video conferencing, online meetings, or even video resumes in lieu of in-person interviews. While the later could be feasible for some people, the use of technology saves time, money, and even headaches.

After going through all the hurdles, your company can finally breathe easily knowing you found the right person. After all, the cost of moving the perfect candidate miles away to where you are is a far better use of money than the cost of various negative effects from hiring the wrong person, finding a project failed, or not even starting a project because of lack of people. Your company can then focus on what’s important: keeping your clients happy!

You can always go the traditional route and hire an in house employee. Hire Up Staffing is here to help when you are ready to hire! Just call (559)579-1331