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Job Search 2014: Using Technology to Up Your Game

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


Technology is a big game changer for job candidates everywhere. Before, it took people a lot of physical effort to look for jobs and land interviews. Imagine going through the classifieds, looking for possible job offers, actually going outside wearing corporate attire, hoping from building to building, and doing it nearly every day until you finally get that phone call for that position you wanted.

Today, it’s all different. With just the click of a button, anybody who has internet access can look for a job and submit to multiple potential employers, all from the comfort of their own homes. Sometimes, even interviews happen online. Seems easy enough, right? With the right tools and tricks, you can use technology to boost your chances of landing your dream job.

Here are a few tips you can use:

1. Consider Professional Social Media

Websites like LinkedIn, SkillPages, and many others could help you reach the right kind of people. List your skills and previous work experiences, add a decent photo, and voila – you have an online version of your résumé. Use this technology as a strategic tool, and network with your peers. Who knows? You might find a job because of a former co-worker’s recommendation of you or a company they know.

Remember though, to keep it professional. Proofread everything. Check for grammatical or spelling errors. Upload a photo where you look respectable. Don’t lie about anything. Keep it as detailed as possible without exaggerating your accomplishments, as you don’t want to oversell your skills. A complete profile is a strong profile.

2. Don’t Let Facebook Be a Fiend

While it’s highly debatable as to whether it’s okay or not for employers to look at Facebook profiles of their potential job candidates, it’s really better to be safe than sorry. It’s important to know that once you put something online, whether it’s personal information or pictures of a not so dignified night out with your friends, you have little or no control over who sees it.

Thankfully, our social media profiles allow us a proper level of privacy. Don’t make your Facebook profile searchable in Google, keep your privacy settings to “Friends Only,” and hide or untag photos and videos that you would not want your potential future bosses to see. For future reference, do not rant about your employers (current or otherwise). If you say mean things and seem ungrateful now, who’s to say you won’t do the same to your future companies?

3. Stay Connected

With the nonstop influx of innovations today, it’s kind of hard to have an excuse for being unreachable. Keep your cell phone charged and don’t direct it to voicemail, especially if you’re expecting a call or have a scheduled phone interview. Skype is also a great way to keep in touch, as some companies prefer having video interviews. It’s a time and money saver as well, as you don’t need to drive or commute, therefore eliminating the constant worry that you might arrive late.

Just remember to set boundaries and do things in your own time. Don’t suddenly go MIA from your current job to go to an office interview – that’s simply unethical.

4. Apply to As Many Jobs As You Can, But Within Reason

Before you do so, make sure to keep your résumé (or LinkedIn profile) updated. Create a cover letter, as many companies still require you to submit one. One good piece of advice is to prioritize quality over quantity. No matter how desperate you need a job, remember to apply only to those you really qualify for. People get jobs because employers make sure they are fully qualified for the position.

With that in mind, carefully research job positions you believe you would make a good fit. Be realistic and base it on both skills and experience, and then also consider the office location and the company’s track record as well.

Looking for a job can sometimes be frustrating and quite challenging, but taking these tips into account can help you in your quest in a competitive job market. We can offer you one better; if you are in the Central Valley, apply for one of the many positions available on our job board HERE and we will do all we can to you in for an interview!