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July 4th Celebration – Letter From Our President, Rebecca Kirkman

By hire-up-staffing in Networking and Events
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As we head toward this special holiday, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on this amazing country we are blessed to call home.  We live openly each day, making a million choices; where to take a walk, exercise, get coffee, which route to drive, where our kids go to school or play and with whom.  What we want to do with our lives, what type of work makes us happy, and where we find accomplishment in the things that we do.  Those who are entrepreneur minded get to choose what type of business we want to start, how to create it, and choose the steps to make it happen.  Knowing whatever direction you take may be hard but the ability to make those choices will never be taken away.  

Our nation was born from this principle.  As people, we enjoy our lives for all the freedom we experience daily.  As business owners and managers, we thrive in an environment that supports our businesses to grow and be successful, even in these challenging times.

I stop myself in solely looking at the business obstacles, to just take a moment to acknowledge the quality of our American lives.  My gratitude deepens daily, especially now, for our growing family of customers and candidates, and our ability to provide opportunities for both in this great nation.  We continue hiring new employees and helping businesses succeed, even in the current climate where people may think that this is impossible. The American Dream is still alive today as it ever has been before and nothing has actually held us back. It’s truly amazing!

Many other businesses are supplying more jobs for people every day and that’s reassuring to remember.  This is tremendous and possible because we are America.  We know how to unite as one to create and maintain greatness in this country, even if it seems like there’s barriers along the way… We find a way to break through and we have, and will continue to remember that as we celebrate our glorious Independence Day this weekend.

Join me in a few minutes of gratitude… for all of the past that is represented in our today… being thankful for all those who have fought for our freedom… for those who have made this country great… and as a hallmark moment knowing the brightness our future still holds strong.

God Bless America! Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!

Rebecca Kirkman,

Company President

Servicing all of our great nation with Hire Up Staffing, Hire Up Healthcare and Kirkman Beck Executive Services.