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Leah Perez – Women In Sales Awards 2020 Finalist

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates

We are excited to announce Leah Perez is a 2020 Finalist in the Women in Sales Awards – North America!

Encouraging diversity in the workplace is increasingly seen as a way of making companies stronger in the modern business environment. One key area of diversity is encouraging women to enter and excel in traditionally male-dominated fields. Sales is one such arena.Sales is the lifeblood of every company. However, it is still very heavily male-dominated. The Women in Sales Awards has been created to bring a greater awareness of the need for gender diversity in sales and in executive leadership teams, as well as help grow the pipeline of sales talent. The awards are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women in sales roles. The Winners and finalists will be recognized at an awards ceremony in June 2020 in Chicago where their excellence will be celebrated. 

The awards is an opportunity to celebrate the positive achievements of women in sales roles; and as a company highlights your leadership in diversity and inclusion. This award is given to only a select few in all of North America! Our very own Medical Division Director, Leah Perez is a finalist in the category of “BEST WOMAN KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER” and truly deserves this award! She has been a HUGE attribute to our company and a major factor in our ongoing success. We can easily say that she is the MOST honest, genuine, hard working person we’ve had the opportunity to work with… AND SHE’S AMAZING AT HER JOB! Let the numbers prove it to you:

In 2014 we hired her to start a brand new office in a brand new market and she was the only employee. She took this opportunity and soared! Starting with no clients or brand recognition in the new area, she was able to grow our Visalia branch to 100 Major Accounts and a staff of 8 in just 4 years. From 2014-2019 she lead that branch and team to achieve 1,029% profit growth! She has been so successful with her key accounts that it’s lead our company to opening a new division called “Hire Up Healthcare.”

Here are some other impressive numbers:
• Jan 2019 vs Jan 2020: 300% year over year growth
• 2019: lead team to achieve 149% to budget goal (equates to an additional $500K in profit)
• 2019: lead team to achieve over $1 million in gross profit
• 16 years sales and account management experience
• Account manages clients in 4 states
• Account manages the top 3 clients in local branch
• Account manages 3 of the top 5 clients company-wide
• 2019: lead team to achieve over $3 million dollars in sales (with only 4 years in business in the local market)
• 2019-2020: lead the creation and execution of a specialty brand of the company, Hire Up Healthcare, which caters to large, national medical clients
• Currently is the Director of the new Healthcare Division

One word to sum up Leah – impressive. All around, she’s an amazing Key Account Manager and leader for our company. She is a working mom and always find achieve a work-life balance. Her great attitude at work is contagious and sets the tone for the entire branch. With her as a leader, our team is happy and flourishing! We are so excited that she’s been selected as a finalist for the WISA North America! Congrats Leah!