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Legal Counsel (aka Employee Screening Coordinator)

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Meet Amber Rodriguez, the Employee Screening Coordinator for Hire Up Staffing Services. She specializes in pre-employment screenings for all of our clients across the board. From pre-qualifying background checks and drug screens to verifying certifications for high level positions, Amber does it all! She works with Candidates directly to ensure a smooth transition for both the Client and Candidate. Amber also specializes in screening candidates for medical positions that may require additional screening qualifications such as; medical records, vaccinations or verification of degrees.

Amber enjoys spending her free time with her daughter and their dog, Kiki. They often enjoy traveling out of Fresno, preferably to Los Angeles or a near by beach! She has also been to Mexico several times, she finds that they have some of the most beautiful beaches she has ever seen and is always eager to travel back to Nayarit, Mexico.

Amber finds being able to help walk candidates through the final steps of a job offer very exciting and she enjoys ensuring compliance, as she feels accomplished knowing Hire Up is providing qualified candidates to our clients.