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Leveraging Social Media for Sales & Company Growth

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources

Elisa Weathers
Training Director
Hire Up Staffing Services

November 9, 2022
By title, I am not a salesperson—however, I am always selling, advertising, or promoting our company’s solutions and culture. I want the company I represent to be as successful as possible. Which for me, being in the staffing industry, means I am sharing about our company every chance I get. Whether I am speaking to someone in the grocery store about my line of work, talking to a friend about how much I love my job, or sharing in a more targeted manner by way of social media, I serve as a full-time advocate. I help to promote my company through my actions, the connections I form, and the relationships I build in person and online.

While there are many ways to sell your organization in person, for those of us not working in direct sales, I would recommend you try some of the following tips if you are interested in strengthening your online presence and company advocacy:

  • Post about things that inspire YOU, and then keep an eye on the engagement. Identify the themes people seem most interested in.
  • Find your online signature. No, not an autograph kind of signature, but what do people correlate with you? What is your personal online brand? Consider asking your followers, “When you think of me, what is the first thing you think of?”

      I did this on my personal Instagram account and the responses were a little surprising. Around the time I posted this survey in my story, I was regularly, but innocently, sharing healthy food that I enjoyed cooking. I would often post my favorite little recipes for fun. I did not have an agenda to be any type of food influencer, or anything along those lines. Out of the 30+ responses I received, at least 75% of them said when they think of me, they think of delicious and healthy food, recipes, etc. This taught me that people do pay attention to content. It proved to me that followers will form a connection to you and your content, as well as personally connect to the parts of your content that most resonates with them.

      I decided to carry this idea over to LinkedIn. I played around with a range of content, all things I was passion about. This served as a sort of test for my connections. I watched the engagement on these posts and if a certain type of post did not receive high engagement, I opted for content that did and replicated more of it within future posts.

  • Engage with people in your industry or people with whom you want to form relationships. Support their posts with likes and comments.
  • PRO TIP: When someone comments on YOUR post, respond to their comment with an open-ended question to keep the conversation going.
  • In your posts, tag people in your company/in your network for further reach.
  • Another PRO TIP: Adopt these practices before you start “selling” on LinkedIn. Flat pitches by way of a LinkedIn message will take you nowhere. You can only effectively leverage social media for sales if you work on delivering high quality content and engagement first. Allow time for your connections to get to know you by way of your content.
  • Examples of things I post on LinkedIn and Instagram:

    Fun highlights! Anything that serves as an example of what makes our company a special place to work.

    Interesting industry trends and statistics (info graphics)

Content from thought leaders I admire in my industry

My posts and overall social media engagement help me to form or strengthen connections with current and potential friends, clients, and candidates. I have received numerous referrals from people I barely know but who have associated my online presence with staffing and staffing technology. So, when a contact has someone looking for work, or looking to help fill their job orders, they may think of me, even though I have never spoken directly to them.

When we are sharing content, it is important to share things we are truly passionate about because it comes across in a more meaningful and relatable way. Your audience is most likely to sense your excitement and joy when you post things you are both excited and joyful about. Sharing content that tug at the heart strings or can otherwise engage someone psychologically can be meaningful and serve to reach across the internet and connect with another. Connection is key to building relationships and relationships are key to sales.

Whether you are in direct sales or indirect sales, like me, we have a job to do. By getting ourselves out there in the social media realm, we offer another way for others to connect with us and see what we are all about. When we make positive connections with others, our organization does as well.

Unsure how to put your best foot forward in this current competitive job market? We can help! Find us online or give us a call. We have a team of professionals ready and eager to support you.

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Elisa Weathers, Training Director | November 9, 2022

Elisa is the Training Director for the entire Hire Up company. Before coming to Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services, Elisa previously worked for a staffing agency as a Training & Development Specialist. She has worn many hats in the staffing industry, including recruiting, sales, training, operations, marketing, and compliance. One professional goal of Elisa’s is to develop a powerful training program at Hire Up. Her hope is that new hires will feel welcome & well-prepared for their role.