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Look Out for Some Interview Mistakes You Might Be Making

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
While humanity is on the brink of high technology, one of the few things that still remain quite old school when it comes to the hiring process is getting interviewed. Even though some companies conduct online and Skype interviews for some preliminary screening, it almost always boils down to a face-to-face meeting.
Many people usually fear this part of the hiring process, as it usually entails a lot of questions, especially about the interviewee’s work history. In addition, not all people have much interview experience, with little to zero feedback on how they were during the face-to-face discussion.
Fortunately, here are some tips on interview mistakes that keep being made that you might want to check yourself on and aim for improvement.
1. Not Dressing Appropriately
Whether the company is a corporate environment or not, always remember to go into an interview in your most professional attire. Remember that you have not received a job offer yet – you are not entitled to the same casual dress code some modern companies are now applying. Dress as though you want to be hired, rather than dress as if you were already hired.
2. Talking Badly About Previous Employer(s)
When doing interviews, no matter how bleak or miserable an experience was with a previous employer, remember never to speak ill about them or your former bosses. It’s simple – once you talk trash about a former company, the interviewer will immediately take this and can safely assume you can and might talk about them negatively in future interviews should they hire you and you decide to move on from them eventually.
3. Not Being On Time
Punctuality is not just impressive – it is a must. Be early, by at least 15 minutes or more. If you do end up late due to unforeseen circumstances and acts of nature, apologize. Hiring officials check this because being on time for an interview could give the impression that you as a candidate will not be responsible about any other aspect of the job.
4. Showing Bad Manners
Exhibiting poor manners may be the end of an interview even when it’s not officially over. Never use foul language, and never interrupt when the other party is speaking. Show proper posture, maintain eye contact, and firmly shake everybody’s hands before and after the interviews are done. Basically, all the major rules of etiquette should come into play.
5. Not Making a Follow-Through
It’s not completely necessary, but following up is actually a good sign – HR people and staffing companies would appreciate if you follow up in some way like via e-mail or phone call. While there may be times you will not get the job despite doing this, it brands you as a positive person with proper manners and respect, and that you are a go-getter.
Remember that even the tiniest mistakes a person makes in an interview could affect employability, not just in the present but also in the long run.
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