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Make Your Employer Love You!

By rebecca in Industry Resources

Did you recently obtain a great job that you want to make sure you keep? Have you been at your current job for a while and want to enjoy it more? Whatever your current employment situation is, we have come up with six helpful tips that will Make Your Employer Love You  and help you to love your job more!

Learn to be punctual

This is the first step to being an amazing employee. In recent studies, we found that tardiness is a pet peeve to not only your employer, but to coworkers as well. If you are on time and ready to start the day with your team, they will love you!

Dress for Success

The saying “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have” is very true. Clothing and presentation plays a big role in a person’s self-esteem and self worth. If you look smart, presentable and successful, you will feel better about yourself and more often than not, it reflects in your work. This type of effort will always be noticed and appreciated.

Aim High

Learn to love your job more by setting goals! Take yourself out of the financial aspect of your job and focus on what you can accomplish there. By setting clear weekly goals and achieving them, you are being productive while at the same time earning the feeling of self-satisfaction. This takes the focus off money and places emphasis on hitting targets and delivering high-quality work while enjoying it!

Respect Others

Today’s work place is very diverse consisting of individuals of different races, religions, beliefs and backgrounds. The goal here is to respect your colleagues! Learn to set your differences aside and look for common ground which will enable you to focus on building a stronger team. Respect is key and will be appreciated by your employer and co-workers.

Be a Problem Solver

Everyone one LOVES a problem solver! If something goes wrong at work, instead of complaining, find a way to fix it. If you have a “Can Do” attitude, it will help the team stay on track and give your supervisor less to worry about, in turn giving you “brownie points” for being such a great employee!

Join In

Find happiness in your job by getting more involved. By adding special projects or extra activities, it gives you a small break from the daily grind. Additional projects can also add some excitement to your day. Be proactive, get your name out there, and always learn new stuff when you can… You never know who might notice your self-motivation and drive!

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