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Meet Anai – Our Recruiting Manager in the Bakersfield Branch!

By hire-up-staffing in Meet the Team

Meet Anai, our Recruiting Manager in the Bakersfield branch! Before coming to Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Service, Anai previously worked as a medical biller. In that position, she had to pay close attention to detail to make sure claims were being sent out correctly to healthcare insurances. Overall, she tried her best to work with her team and multi-task with the daily work they had to finish. A work-related accomplishment she is proud of is when she would put in 100% effort in everything she did, which made her grow stronger as an employee. For example, after only three months of working the graveyard shift at Planet Fitness, Anai was promoted to assistant manager. Also, working at her medical billing job, she was the only extern out of 5 girls to get hired because she was consistent, fast to learn, and would always want to know more.

Now, Anai’s goal that she would like to achieve is to grow more in her communication skills. Being able to interact and deliver words with confidence is something she thinks is so significant in any work environment. Anai is excited to work at Hire Up Staffing because the team gives off a friendly and welcoming environment. That is something she appreciates and has always wanted to work in. When Anai is not in the office, you can find her trying new restaurants, going on road trips, and traveling. She also likes to hike and to spend time with her boyfriend.