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Meet Benjamin – Our Recruiting Manager in Visalia!

By hire-up-staffing in Meet the Team

Meet Benjamin, one of our Recruiting Managers for the Visalia office. Before coming to Hire Up Staffing, Benjamin worked at Enterprise Rent-a-Car, where he was in charge of Car Dealership rental accounts and Vehicle Maintenance for the 450 car fleet.

Ben is proud of a few work-related accomplishments, such as being promoted at Enterprise, earning Captainships over various areas, and being entrusted with Branch keys. Now, being at Hire Up, Ben aims to sharpen his recruiting skills while becoming highly efficient in day-to-day operations. He is very excited to work at Hire Up because of the growth opportunities and the experience he will gain over time.

A piece of advice that has stuck with Ben throughout the years is that you should remain persistent in your endeavors no matter what you do in life, which is precisely what Ben plans to do. When Ben is not in the office, you can find him spending time with his sons, traveling to the coast, and going to the mountains.