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Meet Henri our August EOTM in Fresno

By amarquezdev in Employee of the Month

Henri has been wonderful to work with and we’re happy to have him as a part of our extended Hire Up Team.

Hire Up Recruiting Manager

We are excited to introduce our Fresno August Employee of the Month, Henri! He has been working as a Data Analyst for one of our top clients since March. He has proven to be an amazing leader, team member, and employee. We are so excited to have Henri represent Hire Up Staffing and thank him for his dedication! We’ve had a working relationship with Henri for about 4 years now, so it’s exciting to be able to present him with this award!

Here’s a little Q&A to help you get to know Henri a little better:

Q:  How long have you worked with Hire Up Staffing

A: I have worked with Hire Up for close to 6 months consecutively. Let’s not forget about the past though, where I did part time work for Hire Up 4 years ago.

Q:  Tell us something about working with Hire Up Staffing

A: Hire Up is not only a work place and firm who looks out for you and your career. Hire Up is also a family where I can go and ask for help and know I’m getting the best support and direction needed for my career and life time goals. 

Q: Tell us a little about your placement, what is your title, and why you love your job.

I am a quality control data analyst. I insure all data is carefully input and screened to the appropriate city and county for individuals with a business. Doing so ensures money paid out through taxes are distributed to the correct city or county which the person does business in. I love the job I do simply because I am a problem solver, this job requires a person keen to detail and one who thinks outside the box. I also love the environment that I work in and I’m very lucky to work with very smart and talented individuals day in and day out. 

Q: Tell us your future career goals and how Hire Up is helping you get there.

My future goals include finishing nursing school to be a nurse practitioner. Hire Up has allowed me to be in a position to have a balanced life with both work and school. Where my previous job as a BailBondsman/Bounty Hunter did not allow such a thing. Once I’m done with school Hire Up has business relationships with hospitals or clinics in need of RN’s. 

Q: Tell us a fun blurb about yourself (personal or career wise).

A: Hmm, a fun blurp about me would have to be my cooking/BBQ skills which I must say are thee best on this side of the Mississippi. Which also pairs nice with beer I do brew on my downtime with friends and family ?