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Meet Jenna – Recruiting Manager in Modesto!

By hire-up-staffing in Meet the Team

Meet Jenna, Recruiting Manager in Modesto. With a strong background in recruitment and client management, Jenna has honed her skills in sourcing and onboarding top talent. Her journey in the field began as a recruiter at an insurance agency, where she successfully leveraged platforms like LinkedIn to identify and attract qualified candidates. Prior to her current role, Jenna gained valuable experience at a staffing agency, where she managed the end-to-end recruitment process. From sourcing candidates to completing onboarding appointments and handling all necessary documentation, she excelled at ensuring seamless communication between clients and employees. Jenna’s ability to multitask and prioritize enabled her to handle various responsibilities, including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, client management, and even training a manager while keeping the branch operating smoothly. Jenna is excited to be working here at Hire Up for personal growth greatly appealed to her. With her exceptional organizational skills and dedication, she is excited to contribute to the success of the organization while seizing new opportunities for professional development. Outside of work, Jenna finds joy in reading and cherishing quality time with her family.