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Mixing Business with Pleasure: 5 Rules of Office Dating

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources

Majority of time spent by people happen at the workplace – we spend dozens of hours each week at the office. While majority is spent working solo for a lot of people in certain industries, it’s inevitable to interact with others and eventually find someone you really enjoy being with. Some workplaces allow it and some don’t. If yours does, what lines should be drawn? Here are 5 rules (or maybe guidelines) when it comes to dating at the office:

1. Don’t Date Your Boss
It’s probably okay to date a manager who’s handling another team outside of yours. But if you are reporting to him or her, it’s a conflict of interest in itself already. This is even more chaotic when you date a big boss or the CEO! Dating someone who has control over your work is a general taboo even if dating is allowed between coworkers. Some companies even have it as a rule in their office dating polices. Tread lightly, or you’ll end up being caught in the middle of either power struggles or getting gossiped about, or maybe even both.

2. Be Discreet
PDA at work is frowned upon in general. Yes, you’re in love and you want to scream it from your cubicle – keep your hands to yourselves as much as possible. Even in the nicest workplaces, gossip will spread – rumors also have a life of their own so be wary in your actions. Even your words should be discreet. Sure, you want to talk to your BFFs at work about how awesome your new beau is, but try to limit your talk and be less tactless about it.

3. Keep Romantic Correspondences Personal – Not Corporate
In relation to the above guideline, you should also be wary of your e-mails, IMs, and everything on your office computer. That is property of the office, and more often than not there will be some sort of monitoring going on. You’ll never know if the IT people or your bosses can read your messages – besides, you should be working and not using office property for romancing your significant other.

4. It’s a No-No to Do Each Other Any Special Favors
Don’t do your boyfriend or girlfriend’s job, even if he or she is swamped with work and you’re not. This is one of the quickest ways for your coworkers to lose trust in you and turn their backs – some people are even extra sensitive to even the slightest display of favoritism. Besides, the company isn’t paying you to do your significant other’s work – they’re paying you to do yours and do it well. Which brings us to…

5. Stay Productive
It’s true, love can give us a high – that makes it hard to concentrate at work when your partner is just a few steps away or a quick elevator ride to his or her floor. But be careful – the office is still, first and foremost, a workplace, work being the operative term. Stay at your desk, do your job and do it well.

Whatever the situation, be sure to check with your work policies before moving forward with any work relationship. Most will request that you disclose the nature of your relationship to their HR Department.

What do you think about office dating? Is it good? Bad? We would love to hear your take on it.