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Move Up and Stand Out: Tips to Ascend the Corporate Ladder

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Whether you’re working in a small business or in a larger multi-national corporation, it’s integral to keep moving forward and up. Otherwise, you will end up in a dead-end job where you have little to no job satisfaction, a relatively low pay grade, and no career advancement.
Entry level employees can churn out amazing work and move up from their position quicker if they know how. If you play your cards right, you can get better responsibilities or even land a job or position that is best suited to you, be it in the same company or otherwise.
Here are a few tips:
Have a Mentor
Find someone within your company or industry that you admire. They’ll be that someone who can give a serious positive impact to your career. Start it off with an e-mail, LinkedIn, or personal connection. Invite them for coffee or a short meeting so you can learn more about what they’ve done in the business to get to where they are today.
Seek Feedback and Improve Yourself
They say that in order to advance, you have to improve. As an entry level employee, nobody really expects perfection in an instant. But, prove to your leader that you want to learn more and improve your skills. Get feedback through one-on-one meetings, and then create a self-improvement plan to follow through, even if your company might not require you to do so.
Build a Network
No matter where you are, it’s important to develop professional relationships. This goes for both within and outside of your company. It’s integral in advancing your career, as it often comes down not just to what you know but who you know as well. Attend company events, industry conferences, and networking events within your industry as well.
Be Proactive
Some employees, when new in a company, are unsure how to move about. However, you are not really doing your company any favors by waiting for people to assign things to you. Look around, do research, and ask people so you could figure out opportunities to help around. Instead of waiting around for assignments, do things that prove that you were hired for a reason.
Never Stop Learning
Getting a job is in no way a sign that you should stop learning. Work (and life) is one continuous learning process. It’s essential to stay in the know within your industry as it will be helpful for your career, especially in the long run. Take advantage of training opportunities within your company, as well as take initiative in learning about the business. Read books, attend online classes, and of course, ask around!
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