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Officer of Hire Up Staffing Laws (aka Corporate Trainer)

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates
“Your dreams are worth fighting for! While you can’t control what life throws your way, you are in control of the fight.” -Rachel Hollis

Meet Sara Rhoades, she started with Hire Up Staffing Services in 2016 as a Business Development Representative and after a few years of living and breathing Hire Up culture, experiencing the energy, inclusivity and empowerment this company had to offer she knew she was ready for more! Today Sara is the Hire Up team’s go-to when they need extra assistance or guidance, as she is now the Corporate Trainer. She works closely with not just one particular branch, but each of our locations throughout California. Developing working partnerships with each coworker, she has a front row seat every day to our team’s success and growth.

How did Sara end up in staffing you may ask? Well, she had to come to serious terms with herself and admit that she would never be the founder of an alien planet or blast off in a rocket to the moon, (which were real-life goals of hers up until adulthood) so she decided to take on the work of staffing.

When Sara is not being the company’s honorary cheerleader she enjoys spending her time with her son (who just so happens to be the worlds most handsome toddler) and husband. You can find Sara binge watching Friends re-runs and science documentaries. She loves to spend her summers at Bass Lake, and travels to SoCal as much as she can to see her family. If you can’t find Sara there are two places you should check first, Target and Home Goods. If she is not there, then she is most definitely at Starbucks.

If you ever get the opportunity to watch Sara work, you will quickly see her passion and dedication for Hire Up Staffing Services. If you have questions about Hire Up or you are just seeking a friendly bit of networking, Sara is your girl!