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Re-Populating the Workforce

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates

Life begins again as businesses reopen. Who could ever imagine the impact of six words?

We at Hire Up Staffing Agency are relieved for our community and happy to be a part of the workforce moving forward again. But we are seeing what a strain on employers these truly unique times are creating. And we really understand and empathize.

In mid-February we went to Las Vegas to recognize our top sales people from 2019, taking a record of 28 employees on the trip. A few weeks after that, we were celebrating again – our biggest week ever in company history placing candidates. Employers were raising wages and increasing benefits to entice a shrinking labor pool into new jobs. It was amazing!

Fast Forward 5 Days

More than 200 people that Hire Up had placed were either furloughed or lost their jobs! That’s right, only 5 days later! We never could have seen that coming. Or that national unemployment would spike to 11.4 million workers in March.  

You Know It Too Well

You have lived it all, having to close down and shelter in place. Everyone made the best of such unique and extreme circumstances. So many shining examples of the brilliance of our humanity in the face of sadness and chaos. 

Finally Good News to Reopen

We all felt the relief of being able to open our doors and resume business. But the challenges of finding employees was surprising to us all. So we began looking at the facts to figure out why it is so hard to find people ready to work.

Still Not An Employer’s Market

Nothing like this has ever occurred before, making it impossible to predict what is happening now.  Logic dictates that people should be lining up to start working again, or so you would think.

But we are actually experiencing a shrinking candidate pool of qualified workers. If someone who was earning $13/hr before quarantine is now effectively earning $22/hr staying home, why would they choose to return to work? I get it.

Understandably too, people remain frightened of contracting the virus. And child care is still problematic. These major factors are affecting the willingness of people to get back to work.

Stunning Story from a Stockton Hospital

HR attempted to hire two new employees directly. It took their manager 9 candidates to find 2 qualified people. The first candidate changed their mind the day before accepting the job. Youch!

The second candidate didn’t even show up! I know, it is hard to believe. They had to expand their screening methods to add more scrutiny before they finally filled the positions in the second round of candidates.

The Value To Your Business

You can easily analyze the time and energy it took the hospital HR department to fill 2 positions.  It doesn’t add up as money well spent or the most effective use of time and resources. The reality is that competing for workers is more difficult now than in the past. 

Our Staff Is Here To Assist

We are better equipped to vet potential employees than someone trying to directly hire for their company.  Simply because it’s what we are built to do and the only task we do everyday. It’s hard to imagine what office managers are going through right now facing all their duties as well as hiring employees.

Our Services Make Better Sense More Now Than Ever

Over the weeks of quarantine we diligently adapted our screening process to take into account these unusual circumstances. Our focus always is to assist and support businesses succeed. It is our passion and what we do best!

Are You Looking for Temporary or Full Time Employees?

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