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Social Media Strategies: The Best Time for Your Company to Post Online – Part II

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
The Best Social-Media-Strategies-The-Best-Time-for-Your-Company-to-Post-Online-part-II
Clearly, social media has a significant role in today’s business world. Companies big and small all now have some sort of online presence, but it’s not always a cakewalk. Last time, we posted about the best times and days of the week your company could post to social media giants Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, businesses today also try to utilize other platforms like Google+, Pinterest, and even Instagram.
Here are the best times for your company to post on the above mentioned sites (the second half of our two-part social media special):
Pinterest – 8pm-11pm on Sat
According to Fannit, an inbound marketing agency, the best times for you to pin things would be on Saturdays, either in the very early morning at 2am to 4am, or on a more leisurely schedule of 8pm to 11pm.
The latter statistic is more consistent with stats from other sources. SEJ says Pinterest activity peaks at around 9pm, while 10Alike says it’s best to post around 2pm to 4pm EST and 8pm to 1am EST. Interestingly enough, if your company is in the retail or fashion industry, it’s best to post on Fridays at 3pm.
Instagram – 3-4pm on Mon
TrackMaven, a company that focuses on marketing opportunities for other businesses, report that Instagram engagement is pretty much consistent throughout the week. However, there are slight spikes on Mondays, and inversely there are slight dips on Sundays.
You can safely post on Instagram throughout work hours, where there is an average of 22.5 per 1000 followers who interact with videos posted by Fortune 500 companies who often overwhelmingly post during business hours, peaking at around 3pm to 4pm EST. However, surprisingly there are approximately 33.4 per 1000 followers who interact with that content during off-work hours.
Google+ – 9am-11am on Wed
The people behind the Buffer app say that late weekday mornings are the best times to share on Google+ but the peak is between 9am and 11am on Wednesdays, when posts receive the best engagement and social applause. There’s a tool called Timing+ you can use to find the best time you can share and cater to your audience.
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