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Staffing Is In HIGH Demand Hire Up has reacted quick to keep up! COVID-19 Healthcare

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With the spread of the Coronavirus we have found that the demand for medical workers is on it’s way up! In an article recently published by CNBC, the number of job openings in pharmaceuticals, and healthcare have tripled in the U.S. as a direct response to the virus. When searching specifically for the keywords “COVID-19” on Glassdoor, we found that job postings increased from 100 to 300 in a one week period.

It’s trying times for everyone currently, with the worry over the Coronavirus pandemic, and we’re all working to stay positive and figuring out how to handle the situation. One thing is for sure, however… panicking isn’t going to help anyone, and neither is being super reactive in the way we handle things from a business standpoint, either. We need to keep a level head and handle things as best as possible, especially those in the medical industry. 

The stats below show us the first real numbers on the trajectory of the COVID-19 and California is at the top of that list. 

Coronavirus-Related Job Openings by State

RankStateJob Openings(3/7/20)Job Openings(2/29/20)% Share
5New York2498%

Source: Glassdoor

Here is what we know

The highest Coronavirus-related job opening on Glassdoor Currently is a Registered Nurse. That number has increased from 23-76 openings in just a week. Organizations and employers are increasing hiring in order to respond to this public health crisis, and it’s likely that the demand for workers to help address the outbreak will continue to rise rapidly as the situation evolves. Some expect that the increase in demand will last for up to 6 months or more. Other trending positions are Medical Assistant, Traveling RN, & Respiratory Therapist. 

What to do

Hire Up Staffing & our sister company Hire Up Healthcare is well prepared for this and we are ready to partner with you. We are leaders in the Healthcare Staffing industry and have been now for a decade. We are well equipped to fill any position and as many positions as you have open. We have an abundance of skilled and qualified candidates that are ready to work for your organization.

Benefits to you

We are able to fill staffing gaps quickly and with quality professionals. This can improve the overall work environment in times like these. We help by reducing common staff problems such as last-minute scheduling changes, overtime, forced floating.

  • Quality candidates and more to choose from
  • Easy and seamless process start to finish
  • Fill positions quickly and with little effort on your part
  • Team up with a partner who genuinely cares about your company
  • Guaranteed placements
  • We provide excellent benefits to all of our employees so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • We find the best of the best to work with you so they are ready to hit the ground running, making the on-boarding simple.

Hire Up Staffing & Hire Up Healthcare Safety through COVID-19

While most places are closing, we’ve been ahead of the times for a while and are able to work remotely through all of this. Our entire office is paperless and can work virtually! We as a company are working hard to keep our entire team safe by limiting our face-to-face interactions and taking other precautionary measures. All of our interviews and meetings are now being held in a virtual setting. With that said, we are all still working and helping our clients find great teams. We want you to know that we are here for you through all of this! 

Let’s hop on a call today to see how we can help your business in these trying times. We are here for you! Simply click the scheduling link below that is nearest to you and we’ll set up a virtual meeting.

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