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Staffing Trends to Look Out For

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Today, the staffing industry is booming more than ever. Here are just a couple of trends that may help you decide that getting a staffing company is the best option for your company:
Staffing is one of the fastest-growing industries today.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), temp agencies, employment placement, and professional employer organizations have all shown growth. From 2004 where there was a sudden rise to 3.5 million jobs, this year it’s been projected to reach as high as 5.1 million jobs.
Analysts say that this growth is due partially to the fact that there’s an increase in demand for temporary staffing, especially since many see the positives in flexible work schedules in relation to market changes in many of today’s fast-paced industries.
The industrial staffing sector is strong and will remain that way.
The BLS also describes that the industrial staffing sector employs more than a third of all temp and contract employees – 35% to be exact. It is thus the largest employer of the staffing sectors. There’s a need for flexible and dynamic people in the work force, so we can expect it to not come down any time soon.
Unemployment is still high.
Some say it’s better to be employed part time than not at all – after all, everyone has bills to pay and mouths to feed. Unfortunately, there’s still a relatively slow pace in the job market’s recovery process. However, this isn’t so bad for the staffing industry – while there’s greater unemployment, there is also a larger labor pool available to staffing companies. Most employers now discourage full-time positions, so it’s ideal for companies large and small to hire people via temporary staffing solutions.
Workers will eventually move away from long-term or permanent employment in just one company.
Analysts say that more workers will prefer contract and part-time work, as well as employment arrangements that aren’t necessarily long-term. Especially today, most people from Generation X would be more receptive to these types of jobs, and even the Baby Boomers who would have retired by now are also looking for ways to stay active, keep working, and keep earning. Partially due to the recession, this need for work and activity is also because people today live longer and more healthily.
Changes in demographics would mean changes in demand and workforce.
This can be tricky, because technology both creates jobs and also deem others obsolete. In some cases, it could even allow remote working, so people from overseas who are more qualified could also fill in those positions. However, in some areas, companies here in the US will still need workers locally such as elder care (a field whose need for workers is growing faster than ever). With that in mind, staffing companies can help these employers get the best people they could for the best salary rates. It’s reasonable for both the employee and their potential bosses.
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