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Summer Is Here: 4 Creative Ways to Advance Your Career In the Warmest Quarter of the Year

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
In today’s very competitive job market, sometimes it’s not just what you know but also whom you know. With the onset of social media in the last few years, networking and reaching out to well-connected people is not just powerful – it is a way of keeping yourself afloat. It is one of the most effective ways to advance your professional career, whether in your current or your desired company.
Meeting the “right” people can potentially get you interviews and job opportunities that are outside of the mainstream, or probably never even advertised (whether not yet or not at all).
Summer is the perfect time for all of this as there is a usually casual vibe during this season, plus there’s often a lightened workload during the warm months. It’s about high time to get out and about; meeting new people can make a huge difference no matter what career path you are in. Here are 4 of the most
creative ways to advance your career this summer:
1. Meet, Talk To, and Impress People at the Summer Office Party
Summer is great for making new connections. More often than not, there will be summer office parties, mixers, or even camping trips. These will always have a much more relaxed vibe, and would allow you the chance to talk with people in your current company that you either do not interact with normally or have never even met at all. Use this to your advantage – take time to connect with these people and they may even introduce you to other well-connected people.
2. Mingle During Happy Hours
Whether you intend to stay in your company or not, it’s actually a good idea to reach out to others in your field. Many companies host happy hours during the summer as an after-work socializing thing. Find out where these are and introduce yourself. The bar is a very social place, and the relaxed atmosphere will give you a chance to share contact information and make connections with like-minded people. Just remember to keep it professional – don’t come barging in into private conversations and keep the booze levels at a minimum or average at the most.
3. Keep Yourself and Your Career In Shape At the Same Time
If the bar scene isn’t for you, fret not – you could break a sweat and mingle with other like-minded, athletic or health-conscious people. Many companies, in the summer months, would support local charities and causes through runs, golf tournaments, bike races, or other sporty fundraisers. Look these up online, and if they’re open to the public then come and join in! You can keep fit, support a cause, and advance your career at the same time.
4. Volunteer
Volunteering is yet another way to support a cause by giving back to your community, while also meeting new people and adding experiences to your resume.

All in all, job hunting and career advancement doesn’t have to only involve endless application-sending; it also involves networking and reaching out to people. Networking is a very valuable skill you should possess, as it will make a huge difference to your career path. Join us during our various meet & greets – we have plenty of networking events as well as support for various charities. There’s bound to be one that will pique your interest!